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I am at peace with myself when I just sit and let thoughts blow through my mind like wind through the trees. Sometimes my mind, unlike the trees, captures a thought and looks at it as if with a microscope. This morning the single thought of “big” struck me. “Big” is anything but single. What is a "Big Thing?" What are the "Big Things" people scurry about to change , address, or find a solution for?

When I was just a boy in public school I thought of big things all the time. Big was what I believed everything to be, until one day in arithmetic class I learned a new phrase. When I heard it the first time it sounded like something that I knew intimately, something of which I was keenly aware but lacked the ability to express at the time. “Find the Least Common Denominator”, my teacher said. I still love the sound of the words… the least common denominator. What is big is only made up of small things, it is not really big at all. What struck me then was how everyone only spoke of this concept as a solution to math problems, I felt as if I was given the keys to the whole world, to the universe and maybe even to God. To me it was the key to the building blocks of everything, all human relations, and everything that was made by God or man. I perceived my world as a place where all big things were made of important little things and when I heard someone say, "Don't sweat the small stuff" I realized that in most of the world, its institutions, corporations and governments, as a collection of human beings, seemingly ignored the small keys to life and kept themselves busy the big with bold plans and big bold actions.

We do not need new systems or plans to address the "Big" problems facing the world. The system has already been established and it is called nature. We are a small but very significant part of nature of our world and small is good only if we are awake enough to take up to the challenge of questioning the false notions and concepts of money and power that have developed in the osmosis of eons of civilization and time. Stop for a moment and look into your heart and this small act will become one big step when you understand that small acts of kindness and service to your brothers and sisters of this world are the "Big" changes that Globalization is unable to address. Community is small and beautiful.

My mind has always believed that there is no such thing as big. The big mountain is made of tiny particles of Earth, the big ocean is made of tiny drops of water and the sea of humanity is made up of you and me. A world of infinite small things either cooperating or competing depending on their nature of their hearts and the environments of their minds. What is our Least Common Denominator? Do we ignore the answer to this question in our quest of the gratification of our own selfish whims? Are we blind to the fact that all people need food, water and shelter? Is that humanity’s Least Common Denominator? Is our own personal life bigger or more important than that of a distant starving mother or a hungry child? Why?

There are no big things and if we look around we can always find a way to help someone less fortunate than us, regardless of who we are, what we know, or what we have. It may seem like a small thing and not much in our troubled world will change, but when we reach out to help someone, remember the truly big and meaningful things in our world are made up of such wonderful small things as a smile and a piece of bread, a drink of clean water, or a clean place to rest a weary head.

Small is the new big.

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