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Prof. Dr. Yogendra Yadav

Senior Gandhian Scholar, Professor, Editor and Linguist

Gandhi International Study and Research Institute, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India

Contact No. – 09404955338, 09415777229


Mailing Address- C- 29, Swaraj Nagar, Panki, Kanpur- 208020, Uttar Pradesh, India


Shiromani Gurudwara and Mahatma Gandhi


I have also received and studied your resolution condemning the manner in which the Government enquiry into the Nankana tragedy is being conducted, expressing want of confidence in it and appointing an unofficial Committee of Enquiry. The resolution appoints me as Chairman of the Committee. Whilst I appreciate the honour done to me, I very much fear that I shall not be able to render any useful service to the Committee or the community so long as the appointment of the Committee is intended merely to counteract any mischievous effects that might be produced by the Government enquiry. The resolution of non-co-operation passed by the Sikh League and the other national organizations really precludes the Sikh community from taking part in or assisting any investigations by the Government. I should therefore have thought that you would dissociate yourself from the enquiries solely on the ground of non-co-operation, even though such investigations might be calculated to bring temporary or partial relief in special matters. To me your want of confidence in the Government enquiry is one more illustration of the hopelessness of any association with a Government which we are seeking to destroy, if it will not mend. I would therefore urge you to reconsider your resolution and come to a decision in terms of non-co-operation or relieve me from the responsibility you have imposed on me. 1

The Sikh cup of sorrow is evidently not yet full. Here is a wire from Amritsar: Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee has received harrowing details of beating not excluding pulling of bears and keshas of members 2nd Shahidi Jatha in Camp Jails Nabha on 16th April. Beating inflicted to exact apologies. Committee has also received some hair and beards pulled out. There are now in Nabha one hundred and fourteen cases of sufferers of this beating. Composition as under: serious seven, contusion of head two, face eight, arm ten, thigh seven, shin eight, private parts eight, back five, minor hurts fifty one. Kindly arrange immediate visit Nabha Camp Jail. Either the statement is true or it is untrue. If it is true, it calls for an open and impartial inquiry. The Government of India cannot plead neutrality. Their own officer is administering the State. To the Sikh friends I can only say every wrong has a remedy. And this wrong, if the allegations can be sustained, will not long remain without a remedy. As a journalist as well as President of the Congress, I plead my present helplessness to render aid beyond giving publicity and tendering my sympathy, but God willing I shall not remain long helpless. Every wound inflicted on innocence is a wound cut deep into every Congressman and every journalist. And these wounds are winged messengers who carry their own tale to the four corners of the earth, pierce through the heavens and reach the great white Throne of Justice. 2




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  2. Young India, 23-4-1925  



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