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Say 'S' to Gandhi


The syllable ‘S’ must be revered as the most favorite one as many of Gandhi’s principles and doctrines start with that letter. Perhaps, most of the words in the Devanagari or Sanskrit language have that sound in the beginning of the word.


The Gandhian Smriti(literature) comprises the words starting with ‘S’ alphabet.


  • Sarvodaya - Equality and Welfare Of All
  • Swadeshi - Localized Production and Economy
  • Swaraj - Freedom, Birth Right
  • Seva - Service to People
  • Satyagraha - Adherence to Truth
  • Santi Sena - Peace Movement for the Youth
  • Sannyasa - Sacred or Sainthood Life
  • Sarva-Dharma - Reverence to all Religions
  • Sparsa-Bhavana - Abolition of Untouchability

There are few English words too.

  • Spirituality – A path of finding the inner being
  • Sacrifice - Selfless Good Deeds
  • Soul Force - Non-Violent Resistance with Athmic power
  • Socialism - Trusteeship in Gandhian Context


The syllable ‘S’ is special in Sanskrit and is ruled by the Lord of the Moon as per Hindu mythology signifying the mantric, yogic and peace values. You may find ‘S’ words in many of the Vedic mantras and slogas.


The “Matangi Mantra” says the syllable ‘sva’ meaning self, Athma, fire and ‘ha’ indicating the ether or space or sky(Aakash).When one chants mantras ending with “svaha”, it means “the wishes of the self taken to the skies, for the gods.”


I still admire how Gandhi, the Mahatma has owed all his deeds selflessly to the Almighty.



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