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Respected Sri Banerjee,

I have your book "Seasons of Life and Land" and I am grateful for the opportunity of inspirational dips into it. I congratulate you on a superb work. It touches my heart. Thanks.

In the early 90's (before migrating to India after living almost 40 years in Alaska), I flew as a volunteer pilot for Lighthawk - the Wings of Conservation on behalf of the Gwich'in Steering Committee in the struggle to preserve ANWR. I also flew some of Robert Redford's staff over the Arctic Coastal Plain (one of their cameras broke a window of my C-185).

I am working to recruit indigenous writers and the founders of eco-communities and eco-villages and intentional communities, as well as knowledgeable proponents of "Village Swaraj" of India. The idea is to facilitate M.K. Gandhi's ideas of simple living, high thinking in a sustainable economy along lines of J.C. Kamaruppa and EF Schumacher, and the Iroquois "Basic Call To Consciousness."

Theme is to support and network a return to the sacred way of life of the world's indigenous peoples while their elders remain alive to teach us.

A good deal of my professional career as a geologist was devoted to service as a consultant to nine of the twelve Alaska Native Regional Corporations in helping them to select high mineral potential land. I was a senior member of the team that prevailed in litigation against the federal government on behalf of Cook Inlet Region Inc (CIRI) in winning them a proper entitlement from ANSCA. It was my work with the Alaska Native people that began my long, slow, painful process of awakening to the realities of industrial civilization -- a civilization in which I had been thoroughly trained to participate.

With all good wishes, Jeff

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