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Resolution letter to Prime Minister after National Conference


Dr. Manmohan Singh ji

Honorable, Prime Minister of India

Room No.148 B, South Block, Raisina Hill,

New Delhi-110 011



Honorable Prime Minister,

The Prime Minister's council on Climate Change announced in 2008 the need for India to formulate a National Action Plan on Climate Change. The core of this Plan comprises eight National Missions. The implementation of the Plan would depend on 'institutional mechanisms suited for effective delivery of each individual Mission's objective and include public - private partnership and civil society actions'. As a part of this initiative, the Ministry of Environment asked all State Governments to prepare State-level action plans.

With the blessings of many eminent Scientists and social workers of volunteer’s organizations Bhartiyam Science Society, Manoyog, Save Ganga Save Heritage, a solution-focused National Workshop was arranged by at Lucknow on 28th and 29th October 2011.  The motto is to focus on climate change issues in Gangetic river basin. We invite all experts of valuable talent pool of professionals who are interested and are able in putting together a detailed action plan (one that is technically, logistically, financially, and scientifically sound) along with alternate models for making Ganges and her tributaries free-flowing, clean and natural.


Categorized our sessions into following seven thematic areas for drawing the action plan, were categories:

I.      Ganges Greenhouse Gas Inventory
II.     Climate variability and climate change projections in Ganges River basin
III.    Impact on Forests in Gangetic region
IV.    Impact on Agricultural Sector 

V.     Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources 

VI.    Socio-economic Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity Assessment: An Analysis

VII.   Mitigation options in energy sector


The following resolutions were adopted during conference:

  • Take action by ordering immediate stoppage to industrial and urban wastes into Ganges River.
  • Enforce a suspension on all new Hydro projects in Ganges river basin.
  • Review the NGBRA committee and ensure the integrated approach socio-scientists as a part.
  • Facilitates an open and transparent review of the research projects and results.
  • Undertake a social, human rights and environmental impact assessment of all Hydro projects being presently operated and planned on Ganges River.
  • Declare Uttrakhand and Ganges basin (part of Uttrakhand) as eco fertile area.
  • To ensure involvement and empowerment of the traditional Purohits and residents on banks of Ganga to make clean Ganga and regular financial support to traditional Purohits and Ganga sewa volunteers.
  • The above seven themes should be adopted in Ganga Action Plan.

To fulfill the above mentioned goals the voluntary organizations do contribute their efforts but without financial support from the government, it is not possible to fulfill the gigantic work.

The above mentioned organizations, their members and associates along with the common men will feel obliged to know your good office response on the above issues. Please let us know, if we could help in any way to save Ganges Heritage.

Respectfully yours

Bhartiyam Science Society                        Manoyog                                    Save Ganga Save Heritage



Copy to

Dr. Manmohan Singh ji,

Honorable Chairman,

Council of Climate Change,

New Delhi, India


Mrs. Jayanthi Natarajan ji,

Honorable Minister of Environment and Forests,

Government of India, New Delhi, India


Shri Bhuvan Singh Khanduri ji,

Honorable Chief Minister of Uttrakhand,

Dehradun, Uttrakhand, India


Ms. Mayawati ji,

Honorable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh,

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India


Shri Nitish Kumar ji

Honorable Chief Minister of Bihar,

Patana, Bihar, India


Ms. Mamta Benarjee ji

Honorable Chief Minister of Paschim Bengal,

Calcutta, Paschim Bengal, India



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