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There was a lot of controversy and confusion over Vinobaji's view about Internal Emergency, declaired by Mrs. Gandhi in the year 1975. Vinobaji used a Sanskrit term 'Anushasan Parva' for it. This term had been used during the Mahabharta Period thousands of years ago, when the Mahabharta Battle was on, between the Kaurvas and Pandvas. This term was meant for both, the Party in Power as well as the Opposition Parties.

Vinobaji used this term to tell the people that when controversy over a political decision arise to fight at the national level, it would be better to go to the Acharyas instead of fighting politically, as it will not result in to a positive decision. By the word Acharyas, Vinobaji meant; those wise people of the country, who were not in Power Politics and were only interested in the good of all. Sanskrit term Acharya means, the Wise People, who practice what they preach.

There was much discussion went on the whole year. A very few people could understand the true meaning of the term Anushasan Parva. Looking to the controversy, Vinobaji declared Maun Vrat, silent fast, for a year. At this point controversy on his silence continued. Tempers were so high at that time, neither Opposition Parties nor Ruling Party, could see the real meaning of Anushasan Parva. Sarvodaya workers themselves got vertically devided. This was most unfortunate thing that had happened. It was devided on political level, "JP wale and Vinoba Wale".

Vinobaji broke his silence on 25th of December 1976. He tried to explain his position, and also the real meaning of Anushasan Parva. But it was difficult to understand, as the Opposition Parties felt much humilated by the Government's gross missuse of Emergency Powers for its narow self-interest.

Actually speaking, it was a time when people at large could have understood the limitations of Democratic System. In Democracy, the basic principle is to decide by Majority VS Minority System, and use of Positive Thinking have no place in Democracy.

The same limitation is now seen on the Global Politics also. Once again the time has come to bring a fundamental change, not only in one spacific country, but at the global level, if we want to bring permanent change for better and positive future for the whole of humanity. This is where Gandhiji's and Vinobaji's political thinking is relevent for the present times.

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