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Vinobaji had written a comentary on the 2nd chapter of Bhagwad Gita, The title of this small book is "Sthitprgya Darshan",in Hindi. It is a marvelous piece of original thinking like the Ishavasyabriti as I have mentioned in the previous Blog. In this small book Vinobaji had reflected as to how one should live in this World, so that he could overcome the problems by using the inner higher faculties that he has been gifted with, by Devine Will.This is most practical manual of day to day living peacefully in this physical World.

Much of the World is living under tensions and stresses. Lot of violence is seen every where. People are not able to find the real causes of such a situation as today is seen all round the World. economic resession, social tensions. political instability and cultural-crises. His Bhoodan-Gramdan movement could be an indication towards the direction of finding a permanent solution to all the maladies that humanity has been suffering from.

Vinobaji had beautifully written the solution to human problemes. Not only theoritically expressed but had practically lived that life himself. It is nothing new. It is simply revival of a hidden treasures of the rich past which has unforunately been forgotten in the falls matterialistic World of Today. Vinobaji was not against the worldly progress. He was for all the latest scientific discoveries. His only suggestion was that all the latest devolopment of science and technology should be used for the upliftment of human life into vertical growth side by side the horizontal development.

Man has to use his inner technology, the Steadfast Wisdom. This is what Vinobaji has suggested in his book, Sithitpragya Darshan. When I first read this book, it revolutionized my way of thinking. Vinobaji was a modern Rishi who could immagine the things to come in future. That is why he used to say that Nation-State concept of today, has been outdated. Today we are living in the time of Science and Technology. We live in the Information Technology Age. We cannot be ruled by 250 year old outdated Systems.

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