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Vinobaji took the vow of celebacy when he was young. He was never intersted in modern education. He used to laugh at the university graduates. He used to equate the graduates with the dry pumpkin seeds coming out of dry fruit which were just to go around without any practical use. That is why he did not go for university education. Instead, he was searching for inner evolution and social revolution. For this he used to read the biographies of great revolutionary people. He also organised young people and founded an organised Baroda Vidyarthy Mandal. Vinobaji used to meet them weekly and used to give them books of revolutionary people who had been known for their sacrifices in the history for example people like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, B.G.Tilak and Mussolini of Italy and Leo Tolstoy of Ex.USSR.

The first book I read by Vinobaji, was Ishavasyobrity. This was really a key book that inspire me. He acually lived his life according to the teachings of Ishavasyopnishad. The very first Shloka of this Upnishad was his guiding Star. And this Star Book he found in Gandhiji's Ashram when he visited him in Kochrab Ashram, near Ahmedabad in 1916,being put into day to day practice.

Actually speaking, this Upanishada was very much responsible for moulding his life along with Srimad bhagvad Gita. Gandhiji's whole Economics was based on the teaching of the this small book, particularly the first Shloka which says, "Tentaykten Bujitha, Maa Gritha Kasya Swithnam". It briefly means that people living in this world should lead their life on the principle of consume with a spirit of sacrifice. Human being cannot take any thing with him from this World. Why to accumulate unnecessary?

Vinobaji made experiments in living without currency. He called this Rishi Kheti. He used to live without any money. What ever he used to produce with his body-labour along with his colleauges, he used to live on that only. Today people are becoming aware of this experiment and calling it bio-dynamic or deep- ecology based agriculture. Truly speaking this has been the traditional farming from time immemorial in Indian villages, before the so called Green Revolution took place in early Sixties and agriculture was chemicalised and mechanised.

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