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I first met Vinobaji in the year 1968 in Bodhgaya, Bihar. It was the peak of the Bhoodan Movement. Thereafter, Vinobaji came to settle at his Ashram, Brahm Vidya Mandir, Pawnar, Wardha. I vividly remember one incident that happend during this period. It was the year of Gandhi's 100th birthday and Government of India was planning eloborate programme through out the year all over the country. A big continent of media persons reached his Ashram at Pawnar in order to acquire Vinobaji's message for the Gandhi Centinary Celebrations.

Media persons gave a bounch of papers with many questions to answer. Vinobaji read all the questions carefully and kept them under his pillow and laughed. There after he became silent in deep thinking mood. Press people were eagerly waiting for the answer. For few minutes it was pindrop silence, every body present there was thinking that Vinobaji will speak. But to the ut most surprise Vinobaji remained silent. When someone asked for the reason of Vinobaji's silence. He replied, please put of all your gadgets, like cameras, radio-microphones and telecams. So every body did windup their broadcasting operaters. Then Vinobaji replied," Baba believes in deepcasting, not in broadcasting". This was the message vinobaji gave for such a grand celebrations.

During the year 1969, I was helping late Shri Brijkishan Chandiwala, a close associate of Gandhiji. Also it was the final year of my graduation, but I was not serious about my studies. I was more interested in knowing about Gandhiji's life and message. Shri Chandhiwala was known to my father from the Freedom Struggle, and both were together in British Jail in Firojpur, during the Quit India Movment in 1942. Sh. Chandhwala was then writing his memoires about Gandhiji's long association of 1916 till the end on January 1948 when Gandhiji's body was shot dead. This book, Gandhiji ki Delhi Dairy, was written in Hindi in three Voumes. Shri Chandiwala came into contact with Gandhiji during his student days. He was then a studying in Misson College in 1916, later on known as St. Stephen College. Sh. Chandiwala told me his first meeting with Gandhiji and how he was afraid and could not talk with Gandhiji for one full year. He was simply bringing goat-milk for Gandhiji regularly, and silently leaving the goat-milk with Gandhiji's personal assistent. It was only after one year that he could venture to talk with his future Guru.

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