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Religion And Peace

Religion and peace are inter related. We can get true peace through religion. But you know religion must be in true sense. No human being or religious institution is perfect in this imperfect world. Religious institutions are an answer to the challenge of the age and the particular circumstances prevailing at the time. Today we worship Christ but the Christ in the flesh we crucified.

In theory, a perfect religion is possible. But mankind has not known any so far just as no man can claim to have seen God. It is this that has been the goal of my aspiration and striving for the last years. I cannot claim to have attained complete success but I feel I am coming closer to it every day and that is enough for me. Compassion is the root of religion. Blind imitation is evidence of paralysis of the mind. How can we apply the rule of measure for measure to something that is bad and imitate it?

The Gita rightly says that action without knowledge is of no worth. I have had experience of this many times and many others too will have had the experience. If action is informed by knowledge

devotion comes on its own. To do this one must always take one’s stand on truth. If one has come to realize truth nothing else remains to be done. As we look into a mirror and discover the lightest spots on our faces, so must we look into our hearts. Only afterwards may we criticize others. Hardly anyone can claim perfection for himself. It is my humble advice to you that rather than observe the faults of . . . you should observe your own . . . should follow my advice only if he finds it good. Otherwise he may reject it.

In my view man is himself the cause of his sufferings. These days no one trusts anyone. Such peace as one finds is to be attributed to the fear of the police. If we have been searching our heart. We find despair there.

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Comment by Garvin Brown on March 20, 2012 at 1:06

Yogendra I like very much your words, I also love the Gita, do you have the book by Vinoba...

"Talks On The Gita" it was during his stay in Dhule Jail that he spoke the words. As you say when you are on the Path for True Devotion it is possible to sense changes in your whole being and there will come a Peace which passeth understanding........ A Peace in which all sorrows end.



Web Site  wwwwalkwithgarvin

Yes you are truly correct

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