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I have just returned from UK after attending one week Gandhi Summer Gathering.It is held in the last week of July. It took place in a small and beautuful town near Cambridge. It is called Lechworth Garden City. The Topic of the GSG was "Gandhi On Welfare & Responsibility". A key-note was placed for discussion for the 25 people who were participating in this weeklong residential course as an annual event of Gandhi Foundation UK. Four executives of the Foundation, including its Chair, were also present among the participents. This key note was present by Chair of Gandhi Foundation, Mark Hoda and David.

The key-note address began with the qout of Gandhi, "What Swaraj Mean to Me", and Gandhi continue, Swaraj for to me means freedom for the meanest of our countrymen...I am not interested in freeing India from the English yoke. I am bent upone freeing India from any yoke whatsoever. I have no desire to exchange

'king log for king strok'.

"Real Swaraj will come, not by the acquisition of authority by a few, butby acuisition of capacity by all to resist authority when it is abused."

" The word Swaraj is a sacred word, a Vedic word, meaning self-rule and self-restraint and not freedom from all restrain which 'independence' often means."

Participents in this in this gathering were from UK, Holland, Spain, Ex. Yugoslavia and India. And they sincierly have been trying to understand the concept of Swaraj, Freedom and Democracy. If we give a broad look to the senario around the world, we see agitation everywhere in the common people about the socio-political and economic situation, and feeling of helplessness.

What will be the outcome no body is certain, while top leaders from Obama to Manmohan Singh have been puttung there utmost effors to find out their solutions. It is time to look back to history. All is not lost and there is always light behind the darkness.

Gandhi in 1935, suggested to Indian National Congress not to go for British Parlimentary System of Democracy, because it does not fit to a country like India whose multitudes live in half a millian villages in comparison to few cities. Unfortunately at that time nobody listen to him. Situation became bad to worse.

Now the situation is deteriorating day by day. One example is enough to show how. In Delhi in 1970, the land prices in the rural area were Rupee one Sq. Meter. And the ratio of the landless and land owners was 1: 10.

today the same land is being sold Rupees fifty thousand per sq. meter. One can imagin the gap between the landless and the landowner today. And this gape between the rich and poor ever widening. How could we expect peace in the Society at large? This phenomenon is not only in India but all over the world. What is the permanent solution? May be, Gandhi was right in his thinking and there is nothing wrong in rethinking and bettr late then never.

Another thinking is also relevent. That is the thinking of ancient Science of life, Ayurveda. It has been there for the last five thounds years, with the advent of British Rule in India from the late sevententh century, it has been slowly been eroded, though Government of India tried to save it but bot been fully successful. More the success of modern medical science, grater have been the number of fatal diseases all over the world. May it be Cancer, heart problems, hypertension, Aid's and so many fatal diseases.

One example will be enough. In the years 1957-60, in the villages of north India where I worked as an unskilled landless worker, the number of trained doctors was 1:6. It means for every five or six villagges there used to be a one doctor. He used to visit by turn. Peole were healthy generally speaking. Now there is two three private doctors, one or two private nursing homes and two or three medical labs in each village. People are suffering from Cancer, heart, hypertension and rumatism very commonly.

Why all these symptums of social tensions and increasing physical sickness, all over the world? We have to think. There is still time to think, think positively.

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Comment by GOPI KANTA GHOSH on August 4, 2010 at 8:10
Absolutely...Gandhi made lot of study on 'Water Therapy' and herbal system...
Comment by Garvin Brown on August 4, 2010 at 1:35
Arya when Gandhi visited Delhi he sometimes stayed in a bare room at G D Birla's. Most times he stayed at the Bhangi colony. THIS is the essential Gandhi.
We cannot show our devotion to Gandhi by attending conferences or reading and commenting on his philosophy we can only show devotion by working thru the POOR and UNDERPRIVILEGED.
On Ayurveda I find a hot cup of Tumeric each morning helps me.



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