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Rajaji's birth day as entrepreneurship Day


 Rajaji’s birth day as Entrepreneurship Day

Gandhiji regarded Rajaji as his conscience keeper 

It is extremely gratifying that Hon’ble Prime Minister organised significant  events on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhai Patel.The events organised on these days have electrified the nation and have  given new confidence and wisdom, particularly to the youth of the country.
Nandini Voice For The Deprived, a Chennai based NGO  has appealed  to Hon’ble Prime Minister  of India to observe the birth day of Rajaji on 10thDecember, as Entreprenuership Day. The text of the appeal is given below for your study. I request support for the appeal.
 Rajaji, who was the first Governor General of independent India and  Bharat Ratna , was hailed by Mahatma Gandhi as  his conscience keeper. Rajaji’s contribution to the post independent India was  as significant as his contribution to the pre independent India.
Great champion of free enterprise :

In the post independent India, Rajaji remained as  the ardent advocate of  the concept of decentralised economy and  he was  critical of  the then  government’s policy  of government driven industrial and economic growth,  rather than people driven growth.  The reforms initiated by the governments  in   subsequent years proved that Rajaji was correct.

Rajaji  made great contribution to  focus the national attention on the importance of free enterprise  and  spoke and wrote relentlessly to fine tune the thought  process in India about the desirable economic and industrial strategy for the country.

 Rajaji’s birthday as entrepreneurship day :

Rajaji’s birthday may be observed as entrepreneurship day , that may be dedicated to the cause of enthusing and encouraging small  scale industrial and economic  entrepreneurship in India.

Today, small scale  sector in India are functioning below its potential, due to lack of proactive government  policies and recognition of its importance adequately by the financial institutions.

The healthy  growth of SSI sector  is the  primary and necessary requisite to accelerate the progress of economy with equanimity.    The growth of SSI sector  will contribute to generate employment opportunities at skilled and semi skilled level in a big way , apart from providing entrepreneurial opportunities to millions of young men and women in the country , who are aspiring to prove themselves. Healthy growth of SSI sectors will pave  way  for innovative approach to projects and enable India to make research and development break through in appropriate technologies in tune with the India’s needs.

Declaring Rajaji’s birthday as  entrepreneurship day would be very appropriate and significant, in view of Rajaji’s life long stress on recognising the initiatives  of individuals and  approving the concept of profit making as legitimate aspiration of people.  At the same time, Rajaji  continued to stress on the importance of ethical value in business and disapproved profit making at the cost of ethical standards.

Declaring Rajaji’s birthday as entrepreneurship day  dedicated to the promotion of small scale entrepreneurship  in India would be a significant move towards the objective of promoting skill development all round and  creating opportunities for individuals to use the skill to promote their enterprises,  that would inevitably satisfy the  larger national interests. 



Nandini Voice For The Deprived
Twitter :- @nsvchennai

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