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Praying for love and peace

Humanity remains somewhere in the books in Kathmandu. Why is this life so scary without any dreams of peace and love? Why is my mind not able to enjoy the sight of mountains and waterfalls? To tell the truth, I am trying to escape the unstable political situation and bad leadership in Nepal. I do not like horror. I do not like violence. I do not like the killings, corruption, and hatred. My mind gets shattered by violence.

It happened a few days ago. My house was hit as a result of a street battle by criminal Nepali political groups that included the Maoists. My heart was filled with tears and although I wanted to speak, there was no one to hear me. Those around me who loved me had already left the place as internal refugees in Kathmandu. I did not want to leave my home as I am deeply attached to it.

Solitude is scary and sometimes I feel like escaping like the others. I have experienced the pain of separation from friends and relatives. I have seen the negative approach to life by my own relatives due to the turmoil and war, they experienced, between political factions in Nepal.

Perhaps, I may not get the chance to experience peace in Nepal as how can one easily forget relatives lost in meaningless violence. How can one find a true and loyal friend in a place like Kathmandu that is full of selfish people? Who then can understand my battle with war and violence to attain peace and love?

I may sympathize with myself for doing less for peace. But, I will continue my life fighting for peace, companionship and love. I want to live far away from guns, rockets and violence. I want to move on forever with a smile, peace and flowers that blossom in life with the sweat of my faith. I want to forget this violence, hatred and war by sharing love, desire and pain with all.

Now, I don't want to fall asleep on the death of an individual who loves me. I think about life in a different light and can explain its existence and concept if peace came closer to me. I would talk to peace all through the night. I have a desire to explain things only if peace came closer. Peace and love are so far away from me.

For a long time, I felt I could be happy in a small house surrounded by flowers in an open space with trees from where I could see the road. People do not understanding the meaning of life because the path is filled with dusty politics which creates so much repulsiveness, selfishness, anger and violence.

I love peace. Where there is love, there will be peace. Both are required in abundance in life.

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