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Kamala Sarup
Kathmandu, Nepal : The situation in Mumbai depresses me. I simply cannot understand how
terrorists and their crack ideas work. I have no words to express great sorrow for those killed in the Mumbai attacks.

The terrorists caused a lot of damage and destruction. But, the resilience of the Indian people has helped them to preserve their identity. An ancient culture, with a long and glorious history of art and music, history and politics, will not easily melt with bullets.

"Kamala, see who is knocking at the door," my friend, Rubina, asked. "How can I see who is at the door? I am cooking rice," I said.

It was her Uncle and a guest who was accompanying him. A lovely song was being broadcast at the moment. I came out and her uncle introduced me to his guest, "This is Kamala, Rubina's friend." While I served tea
to the guests, I said, "I have a lot to learn."

"Kamala, in Mumbai the situation is muddled because a lot of the violence is taking place. The terrorists and their proxies functioning as death squads are creating this mess with the aim of dividing the
economic power of India," Rubina's Uncle said. It shocked me. It was beyond my principles. "Uncle, I want to tell you I hate terrorism from the bottom of my heart," I said.

I stayed at the Hotel Taj Mahal for three nights with my sister in 2006. I miss the beautiful Taj Mahal in Mumbai.

"Kamala, I am sad because of terrorism in Mumbai." My Indian friend Sweta sent an email. "My dear friend Sweta, at this moment, I will not miss to write you a letter. I wish, peace will continue in Mumbai." I
told her over the telephone. My mind was filled with a deep pain. I kept listening to her. My eyes were filled with tears. I felt extremely disgusted. Sweta was sad and distressed.

We were introduced four years ago at a birthday function in Kathmandu. After our meeting, we exchanged emails. "Life without struggle is meaningless. Struggle for peace, struggle to fight terrorism," she
wrote. After reading her email I was determined to maintain my friendship with her. Strong feeling keeps the peace strong. "We need not confuse or hesitate to draft the history of tomorrow. There must
be strength in our determination and we should promote peace and love. This is the life of an activist," her email ended.

I told Sweta, "Please imagine the blue sky and the sea. I am sure the blue sea has driven away our fear of terrorism. The birds are flying freely, you are composing a poem and I am listening to it. Even I
cannot imagine it. Some times I fear that our feelings may not come true. I have not become hopeless." What would happen if Sweta disappears forever, I begin to think.

It is time to sleep. The dark night darkens my heart. But, I know there is hope when morning dawns. I wish and pray that God showers wonderful days full of happiness on my Indian friends.


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