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                                         By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM


Bharat had sent so many dossiers on Pakistan’s criminal acts against civilian citizens that their Security Advisor beat a hasty retreat before the battle was joined. The Indian Security Advisor had all facts and figures on his finger tips and was ready to confront the opponent but the latter was too frightened to turn up. Indeed they too had juggled up some sort of make believe acts of terror on their land but were diffident to present the case face to face. In any case, the Videsh Mantri of Bharat, Sushma Swaraj had a live human being as a piece of dependable and admissible evidence to confront perpetrators of terror with, but they turned their tail.

The Pakistanis create a lot of fire, fury and make a smoke screen to hide their misdeeds but chicken out when the Indian guns boom with live ammunition of incontrovertible facts, figures and live evidence. In any case their generals and colonels who twist tails of civilian elected government and egg them on to the level of confrontation, merely indulge in war of words. Of course, the four wars that the Paki army fought and lost against Bharat are etched deep on their military minds and hearts and cannot be obliterated. Going to war may be risky for their existence, so they prefer to have a peg of whisky instead. Cheers old boys.

UFA has been in the news of late. What happened there? Let us refresh their memory just in case it has gone hazy after downing some single malt scotch. At UFA, Russia Pradhan Mantri Narendra bhai Modi and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif shook hands and chose to talk peace for a change. With a view to promoting confidence building measures they jointly agreed to continue talking at various levels. Talking at table is in any case better than shooting across borders. They agreed to discuss Terror at the National Security Advisor level initially and upgrade the level of participants in subsequent peace parleys. Terror was on their minds all the time because both the neighbouring nations had suffered in the clandestine wars. Pakistan was suffering from the syndrome of Frankestein monster. Its Hindi version isBhasmasur and after Lord Vishnu had saved Lord Shiva from being consumed by fire, their disciples were too shy to go that way. Once bitten twice shy – that is the old saying.

In a nutshell the topic for comparing notes between the two NSAs was Terror and nothing but the Terror. Well, why did Pakistan deviate from what its elected Prime Minister had agreed to. Well, that unfolds another scene where the audience may feel the presence of another State Actor who guides the players on stage, controls strings of puppets but remains incognito until discovered. It is the Pakistan Army headed by General Rahil shareif who is no relation of Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef. Frankly speaking, the shadow of military looms large on the elected government and the latter feel that an armed coup-de-etat is around the corner. In other words it is the Pakistan Army that calls the shots. The Army was not on board at Ufa when decisions of far reaching consequences were made. The Army is now busy undoing what was done in Russia. The NSA level talks were called off just to prove that the Pakistan Army is in saddle even now.

In good old days in political parleys it was said that three As ruled Pakistan – America, Army and Allah – in the same order. Now the political scenario has undergone a change. America is withdrawing from the scene gradually but makes its presence felt by threatening Pakistan that its American aid would be cut off if it did not disband the Haqqani network. Time alone will tell whether Americans mean business or have just issued an empty threat. So, the Army is now playing a double role – that of America as the dominant player and, of course, its own as a recipient of US military aid. Allah has retreated into an oblivion Himself because the Terrorists – both good and bad – are doing their bloody business in the name of Allah. What it boils down to is: It is the Army and none but the Army that matters in affairs of state and one may ignore it at own peril.

Should Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi now talk to the Chief of the Pakistan Army directly? No, not exactly that way. Bharat must maintain the façade of engaging the Pakistan Prime Minister in glamour shows but the real business will have to be done with the Pakistan Army Chief. It is not a bizarre concept. The American diplomats and leaders are just doing that. So do the Chinese when they have something serious to discuss. The former President of Pakistan, Zardari was invited to China frequently – wined, dined and entertained but little was discussed with him when it came to matters of State. The Army Generals made a beeline to Beijing to do serious business. Bharat may think of following suit.

The Media, both Indian and Pakistani are agog with reports of NSA Pakistan, Sartaj Aziz dreaded meeting NSA India, Ajit Doval because the latter had collected enough data to prove that Pakistani handling of 26/11 Mumbai attack by Paki terrorists and investigation by Paki prosecutors thereafter was so shoddy that it would have left old Sartaj speechless. Moreover, Doval had declared that another misadventure from across the border would see Pakistan lose Baluchistan. So Pakistan chose to exit the arena before the bout was announced.


What are the implications of non-meet of the two NSAs? Well not much. Much water will flow down the Ganga before the broken thread is picked up again and some serious talk on terror is contemplated. The K word will have to be kept out and H for Hurriyat must be erased from the English dictionary used by the two Shariefs – both civil and military. In fact the Hurriyat fellows should understand by now that they have become irrelevant in the new context. Modi Ji will not stand their sight and their mentors across the borders cannot but talk to Modi ji and none else but Modi Ji. The writing is on the wall and those who fail to read it are doomed. The two neighbours are bound to sit at the table for talks and smoke the peace pipe with the consent of the Pakistan military but no seats will be reserved for the bad boys of Kashmir. Hereafter they may look for some jobs to keep themselves busy because they know – idle man’s brain is devil’s workshop. Let the Devil go on pension now.

If the talks are not held now or in the near future, will it vitiate the atmosphere to such an extent that the two neighbours go to war? Looking at the situation as it is obtaining at present, no sensible leader is likely to think of war as a solution to the myriad problems. Thank God that no lunatic is holding a post of consequence at present in our neighbourhood. So, a political analyst may safely rule out war as a solution to the present problems.


The answer to all questions is: Sit together willy-nilly and smoke peace pipe.


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Comment by Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM on August 25, 2015 at 18:25


Dear Balamurali Ji, you are absolutely right. Our NSA Ajit Doval Ji was so well prepared to engage Paki Sartaj Aziz that the latter chose to beat a hasty retreat. Thanks for your comment.

-Chitranjan Sawant

Comment by Balamurali Balaji on August 25, 2015 at 11:35
Well, let Pak try to cut its own terror tentacles and then come to the table for some constructive talks. I think its good time for Pak to some cleanup work now.

The Hurriyat in India can't talk to Pak officials just like that. It is anti-national and deserves a ban if any NSA rules violated.
Comment by Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM on August 24, 2015 at 7:06


Pakistan has too many skeletons in its cupboard that are now falling out. It is scared of being exposed as a hotbreeder of TERROR. Therefore, the country called Pakistan shied away from talking to India. The latter knows the former inside out.

What next? Well, after a thaw, both may sit around the talking table and talk PEACE. It will be a bilateral dialogue without an involvement of a third party, whosoever it may be. That is the only way to co-exist and cooperate.

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