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A friend wanted to know what I thought about the killing of Osama bin Laden .

I've had a theory for a long time that the next step in human evolution would not be physical but spiritual - homo spiritus.  It's not a new idea.

Evolution is not revolution.  In evolution the new live among the old.  The new don't kill off the old, they simply live longer and have more successful progeny; successful in the biological sense.

I think this is why so many of us seek guidance and sustenance of a higher power.  We want to evolve.  Some of that seeking leads to evolutionary dead-ends.  Forms of creation that become too twisted to survive.

I'm not advocating killing such creatures off.  The thing about evolution is that we don't have to kill them off.

I don't know whether Osama was a failed step on the evolutionary road.  I just hope he was.

I was also thinking about what kind of a little boy Osama was.  How was he raised?  Did his mother and father love and nurture him or was he raised by surrogates?  Did he have friends?  Did he get to play silly games?

I don't think hatred is natural.  I think it is learned.  We see those around us frightened.  We see fear become anger.  We see sustained, unresolved anger become hate. 

And our fear becomes anger. 

And our anger becomes hate.

And we kill what we hate.

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Comment by David Slesinger on May 16, 2011 at 14:34

The lessons stated above are of value. I'm saddened the author accepted announcements from the US government as worthy of acceptance. Why does it not bother more people that the body was disposed of?Why is there no acknowledgement that the video where bin Laden takes responsibility for 911 is suspicious? In that video he is too heavy, he writes with the wrong hand.

It is my understanding that the current Pakistani president asserted his wife, the former president, had been killed for announcing bin Laden was dead.

bin Laden was a terrorist, but he was not even listed by the US FBI as being responsible for 911.

A few months ago I pleaded with  readers of this forum to ask the hard questions about what happened  on 9/11. It was too uncomfortable for most members of Gandhitopia.

This was a great disappointment to me. Doesn't satyagraha mean,"Holding fast to the truth?"

Comment by Arya Bhushan Bhardwaj on May 16, 2011 at 14:26
Ordinary masses forget the past very soon. It is a positively good habit. One ought not to remember the past. Past is nothing but Sanskara of human mind, an impression in the mind of the past happenings. Usually we human beings either remember the past or dream of the future, thereby, loosing the most precious present. Osama has been reportedly killed by US forces in the recent past and the News has been made a global media-hipe.  Few years past also some such stories were in the world media and had been forgotton by passing away of the time. The thing that is to be rememberd and has to to be thought about is, that in the so called democracy, the System has to make some one symbolic enemy, either a country or an individual, withuot a gost  enemy, this so called system of democracy could not survive. We can see it in the past history. We all have to work collecively together to find out a more humane System of Governance. Gandhi was a person who tried the new way of Swaraj, but could not succeed in his life time. But still is considred to be most relevent in our times. James has been an example. Thanks James for writing his impressons about Osama Bin Laden. 

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