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It was the last leg of my trip to the West, in August 2010. The program was in a small village of North Italy. Name of the village is Quarna Sopra. This village is in Velsesia, near Mounte- Rosa.. There are only 286 souls living in this village. Among them is a mistic-poet and devotee of Gandhi. Her name is Mrs Gioiella Brontini. I know her for the last 25 years and have visited this village several times and conducted courses on Yoga, Ayurvedic Panchkarma and of course on Gandhi.

Gioiella belongs to a decent family and she has two grown up sons, Krishana and Kabir. I have seen these two young children growing into responsible adults. I have seen these two for the first time in 1986. The occaison was The International Year of Peace, Peoples March for a Non-violent Society. And young Gioiella participated in this event holding Kabir in her lap and Krishana-s hand. There were about 40 people from various countries perticipating in this historic-event. This event was organised by Gandhi-in-Action International, a tiny group of non-violent activists, based in New Delhi, India.

When I was on my Summer Trip this time to Europe and Scendinevia, Gioiella asked me if I can save some time and visit Quarna? I could not deny her and 10 August was fixed. The topic she choose was Non-violence The Need of the Hour. There was no pump and show. Every body has to bring his or her mattress to sit and some thing home prepared simple food to eat after the talk. Meeting place was the top of a mountain, the sacred place of the village community. Riccardo Gramegna was my translater, the first person I know in Italy 27 years ago. Talk began and I was surprised to see the people. In a small village of less then 300 hundred souls, there were 35 audlts and few childrens, sitting with a pindrop silence. After my 20 minuts introductory, I open the dialouge for audience, people were having one key question...and that was how nonviolence can be possible in such a violent and ciotoc world today?

My answer was, it is very simple, let us try to do two- fold action at local level. One was Cleanliness in-side

and cleanliess out side. Cleanliness inside will be done by Pranayama and cleanliness out side will be done by Ganghi-s Mantra, the Sadhanshudhi, our worldly acts by pure means. If people start this simple formula this world will be a better place to live in. This is what Science of Ayurveda has been reminding us and this what Gandhi practised in his life honestly.

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