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                                   By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

A Ved mantra exhorts human beings MANURBHAV, that is be a MAN. In other words we should overcome our animal passions and sublimate our instincts and thoughts to a higher level to think and act for the good of Mankind. When a man is possessed by Noble Thoughts, he or she just cannot be guided by baser motives. Man’s emotions and feelings are sublimated by Noble Thoughts and that will indeed lead to action for the welfare of entire humanity. It is at this stage that an individual commences praying for the welfare of entire Mankind and Not just for self or for own tribe or their loved ones. The thoughts of a Vedic Man sublimate him to a higher plane where the universe is his family, VASUDHAIV KUTUMBAKAM.

The Rigved makes it amply clear when the first Mantra, eightyninth sukta of the First Mandala enshrines a prayer to Parmatma for NOBLE THOUGHTS TO COME FLOWING FROM ALL OVER. The relevant part of the Mantra runs thus:


Rendering it into simple English will mean: Let the Noble Thoughts encompassing Determination come over to us from All Around. Thus there is no regional or national boundary that Noble Thoughts may be required to cross over to come from one corner of the universe to another. The jurisdiction of Noble Thoughts is limitless and the thought process is not bound to a region, religion, caste , creed or race. It is so because the VEDAS were revealed by Ishwar in the hearts of Rishis, Agni, Vayu, Aditya and Angira for entire Mankind. The Ved mantras give guidance to the entire Mankind and their area of jurisdiction is limitless. Nothing is out of bounds for a Ved mantra and its basic thought is all pervading. Ishwar does not make any distinction between man and man; between man and woman, between black and white,  between white race and black race.

The Vedic prayer is for one and all. A Ved mantra praying for the welfare of human beings is for all men and women all over. Let us see for ourselves:



May Ishwar make everyone sukhi, that is free from pain and live in a state of bliss; May all be free from diseases and enjoy perfect health. May all men think of doing a good deed unto others, entertain Noble Thoughts for others; thus there will be no pain in mind or body of Man nor anyone will feel miserable. May entire Mankind be free from Dukh and thus absence of Dukh will ipso facto lead Man to a feeling of SUKH. Indeed that will be a perfect bliss for Mankind.

SANKALP or a vow to complete a task with great determination, come rain come shine, is an important ingredient for ennobling Man. Determination is an important aspect of a Man’s personality to lead him or her to success. No one can achieve the goal unless he proceeds forward with determination. Lack of determination may lead to failure and the Project in hand may collapse like a house of cards, never mind all planning of a high order. No wonder the present Ved mantra that we are analyzing for our benefit emphasizes KRUTAVAH or Sankalp. Here a man’s mind plays a major role in guiding a man to move forward with a strong will to achieve the Aim.

One may ask the method of achieving the aim by moving forward with determination. In other words, how does a Man build the quality of character that makes a firm base for a plan to take off. One needs determination to move forward towards the goal but how does an individual have that rare quality called determination?

Yogeshwar Shri Krishna advises the great archer Arjuna to wage the war of Mahabharat with NISHCHAY or determination. Arjuna rightly expresses his doubt about  the method of inculcating the rare quality of pursuing the goal with determination. Yogeshwar Shri Krishna gives a sound and pragmatic advice to Arjuna, commander-in-Chief of the entire Pandava army who was on the verge of abandoning his responsibility, throw away his armaments and abdicate his high office. Yogeshwar Shri Krishna says:

    Tasmad Uttishtha kaunteya, yudhai KRIT NISHCHAYAH.

Therefore, arise O Son of Kunti and Fight with Determination.

Absolutely fine advice given by Shri Krishna to the great archer Arjuna to wage war of the magnitude of Mahabharat with Determination AND WIN IT. Aren’t we back to square One? How does a Kshatriya inculcate determination. It is to be acquired by collecting one’s Thoughts and not letting them run wild all over the place. Arjuna found it well nigh impossible to concentrate on the main point of waging war and winning it as his mind wandered all over the place. Yogeshwar Shri Krishna says that it is indeed achievable if one puts one’s heart and soul in it and pursues it with devotion and single minded attention. Thus one must be FOCUSSED. Yogeshwar Shri Krishna shows the way to do so. The way is:


Practise, practice and practice until you become perfect. At the same time, you must not be unduly attached to the method of achieving the result but view it with a sense of detachment. Unnecessary attachment to a person or thing makes a man miss the goal and mislead himself. Thus while practising the method of achieving the aim, one must not get emotionally attached to the manner or method of achieving the goal nor to the goal itself. Observing this cardinal twin principle of Abhyas and Vairagya and keeping one’s mind focused on the goal, one is bound to achieve the Aim.

Noble Thoughts lead us to the right path and the right path leads us to the right goal. One finds that the manner, method and the Aim are so interlinked that one cannot afford to ignore one and pursue the other. These are inseparables and go hand in hand. Let us pray to Param Pita Parmatma that Noble Toughts come to us from all over and we develop the quality of determination to fight and win all battles in life. AUM SHANTIH SHANTIH SHANTIH.

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Comment by Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM on November 28, 2014 at 11:59


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