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In contrast to Capitalism, under the leadership of Lenin, a counter move was started. It was called Social Democracy. The begining was in 1917 and Russia was the leader. It was supposed to be more egaliterian in comparision to what the open competitive market system has been doing in the West. The goal was Economic Equality and Social Justice. World was a witnessed by its own eyes what it boildown to. Neither the Social Justice nor Economic Equality was achieved.Countrary to the common masses were made slave inside the iron certain and the thret of the bullot. Coincidentally, I was in the US at the University of Texas in Austin. It was prof. Lester Curtz who invited me to give a serirs of lectures on Gandhi.When the news of disintegration came we have been discussing Gandhi. We were sitting in the seminar room and students and faculty members started discussing the fall of Communism. Interstingly, some people started saying that there is nothing new, infact our own so called open system is also near the collaps as it has also made slaves to our own people. The only difference was that in the Eastern Block people were made slave of with the bruit force of army while our people in the West are made slaves of their won weaknesses of comsumerism and fales fear of becomming more and more secure.. It was all due to fear-psycosis..

Gandhi was in favour of Nirbhaya, the concept of fearlessness. People had not understood him at that time. Now the people have seen with their own eyes that so called open system under the guise of Democracy, has put the whole world under grate crises, economic as well as social and cultural. Not only that, our ecological life is also in crises. So under the present circumstances, we are in a fix as to which way we should proseed. Both Capitalistic as well as Communistic systems have been tried. What is the Third way out?

Time has come to rethink and change our ways before total impasse comes.

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