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First decade 0f the 21st. Century has been the time consumed by the Globle terrorism. Actually, the social violence has been increasing gradually from the last Century. The first World War in the begining of last Century 1914-15 has been the landmark from where globalization of the cult of war and violence started. It is since then on the increase day by day. Let us have a brief look. In the begining of last century when the industriliation had started came the first World War.People got worried and emerged, Leage of Nations.. But war mania did not stop, came the Second World War Then emerged the United Nations, But the war sindroms continued. In this period came the first in the history of mankind the Atomic War, and the Hiroshima and Nagasaki United Nations also miserabely failed in its effors to stop wars...Wars became a fundamental feature. We can count them on fingers.From Veatnam War to the Afgan war which is still continuing. The sane leaders like President Obama has to justified the need of War that means accepting Violence as necessary social evil. Why it is considred necessary Globle social evil?

Nirbhaya is a Sanskrit word which means fearlessness. If we compair the mental caliber of ordinary human being it has gone much more developed and sharper in the degree of its horizental plane, HD. For example, human mind through the revolutionary devejopment of science and technology has reduced the gap of time and space to almost zero. On the other hand the degree of fear-psycosis has grown much much higher,.for example, today we are afraid of our next door neighbour. Is there any relationship between these two phenomena? We have to think. Let us try.

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