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I am from Ahmedabad, and used to visit Gandhi Ashram at Sabarmati. As
Gujarat is the most developed state the business tourists came in lot
but they never visit Gandhi ashram, same way local people also avoid to
visit gandhi Ashram.Around more then ten lakhs people regularly pass on
the road where the ashram situated.
Why? It is not that they are not interested in Gandhiji but it seems
they are very busy, then what about sunday or public holiday? I am
sorry to say very few people visit the Ashram.
There is big WHY?
We all should think over that why the thoughts of Gandhi are not spread
like a wild fire?
There are some reasons, you all might agree..
(1) After death of Gandhiji the non Gandhi family of Nehru, Indira and
now Sonia gandhi family become the supreme power.They tactfully use
there surname Gandhi as they are from Gandhiji family.They elected via
democratic way but in the post azadi period surname Gandhi is a surname
like GOD.Gandhiji who gave us Azadi was the cear belief of people of
India. But this belief become useful to RURAL Gandhi family which has
no connection by any corner with Gandhiji.But very smartly they convert
the surname in the vote bank. Now they remember gandhiji on 2nd october
only, and what about his thoughts?.. .WHO CARES?
(2) There is a big mistake from the Ashram people who avoid the center
stage, so the political stage develop without there concern. So many
years pass Gandhiwadi where treated like no use personallity....
(3) In the post azadi period when it was important to publish the
Gandhiji written books in easy way then the copy rights law system make
the break practice. No one can print because of copy rights. Surprise
was prevail WHY THE COPY RIGHTS ON GOLDEN THOUGHTS?... Now years passed
any body can print, No copy rights.. But it is too late...
(4)Gandhi people should come out and ask the public about the truth
war. If Gandhi will be here in such trerrorist prone situation then how
he act? such articles should be published?
(5)DONT FPOGET GOLDEN THOUGHTS OF BAPU.....such movements should be
created otherwise in comming years it is hard to spread thoghts of
Gandhiji. Such thigs are like SUCH KA SAMANA means to face the truth.
How you like this?

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Comment by Dipak Dholakia on September 29, 2009 at 19:18
Dear sudarshan ji, i am from Gujarat, living in Delhi for long. i do agree with your point No. 2 and by corollary with point No. 4. and to some extent with point no. 4. It is a fact that Gandhians adopted only one aspect of Gandhian way. Bhajans (prayers) and good non-political works. Gandhi was essentially for a change in socciety and, therefore, he could not ignore reality of politics. But Gandhians abjured politics. so, there was no voice representing Gandhian values. This is true.
Regarding, point no. 1 i doubt if Nehru-Gandhi family is responsible for lack of interest of Gujaratis in Gandhiji. if that were true, the anti-Gandhi influence would have been present everywhere.It is not the case.
We need to study the psyche of Gujaratis. I am not an anthroplologist or a psychologist but let me venture to make some general guess.
Generally, if you are physically weak, you worship strength. Hitler was a small-statured man and look at his mind. Nietze the philosopher, who was weak and sick, developed theory of nihilism. moreover, moneyed class needs protection of strongman. You and I do not engage our bodyguards but powerful people do.
Prolonged practice of sober life-style takes its toll and makes an impact on mind. so perhaps, despite the outward preference for non-violence it is non-violence of those who aspire to have a ruler /ideology who/which identifies aa 'culprit' and sets 'him' right;teaches him a lesson. this is the sense of insecurity of 'haves'. Mahatma Gandhi asked people to be ferless. gujarat participated whole-heartedly in the freedom struggle. But, in other provinces there were people who disaagreed with Gandhiji's non-violent methods and thought, violence was the correct way. Gujarat did not adopt that path and followed Gandhian path because it suited its psyche, not because Gujarat loved Gandhiji or his principles from the core of its heart.
What happened in 1857? largely, Gujarat remained out of it. However, it must be admitted that some incidents did happen. But look at the caste of the sufferers. Were they high caste people?
The reasons perhaps are internal. I am not sure. I hope someone more knowledgeble than I - in history and in psychology - wolud read this post of yours and joins the debate.

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