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New eBook: Relevance of Gandhi: Ideas and Issues

New E-book “Relevance of Gandhi: Ideas and Issues”
By Balamurali Balaji

This book “Relevance of Gandhi: Ideas and Issues” authored by me is available now online. It is a continuance of my journey towards discovering the ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi and the new book is intended to discern his principles at a different altitude.

The objective of this collection of essays is to promote Gandhian values and to highlight its relevance and prevalence in all aspects of today’s life. The implications of his principles in the current world are incredible not to mention its applicability on the conflicts and issues that were not even present in the era of Mahatma Gandhi. Current edition of the book includes “From the writings of Thoreau”, “Karma and Dharma”, “Gandhi’s world of peace”, “Poverty and Simplicity”, “True Economics”, “Economic reforms and Social degradation”, “Conflict Resolution: Glimpses from Gandhi’s public life”, “Substantiating the Techno-Gandhian Philosophy through Vinoba’s philosophy”, “Organizational views on Mahatma Gandhi”, “The two pacifists: Rajiv Gandhi and Mahatma Gandhi”, “The non-ideological Gandhi”, “Sardar: the legacy of nationalism or congress?”, “Vegetarianism in India”, “Our faith and social innovation”, “The beginning of war and peace – July 1914”, “Is fascism right for a nation?”, “Technology for all and techno-fix“, “Is opportunism rule of the day?”, “Taking up Sarvodaya as our duty”, “Fearless love”, “Duty first”, “Arab wisdom and ancient in Indian wisdom”, “A law for accountability!”, “From Kashmir to Cauvery - India’s internal pain“, “River water sharing dispute in India“ and “Gandhian principles and today’s agriculture” etc.

All these issues portray the appalling revelations of Gandhism in today’s context and its importance for maintaining peace and harmony in one’s socio-political life. Published by, book can be purchased at a highly discounted price of 99¢ here:

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Comment by Balamurali Balaji on January 15, 2018 at 23:07
Thanks Heena for the comment.
Comment by Heena on January 13, 2018 at 10:58

Great !!

Thank you for sharing information of e book. Relevance of Gandhi: Ideas and Issues

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