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We would like to let you know about the following book title we have published, you might be interested in. It was launched last year in Mumbai, Goethe Institut (Max Mueller Bhavan):
L. M. Bhole, Collected Papers on Gandhian Thought.

The author is Professor (Econ.) and teaches in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

L. M. Bhole: "Many philosophers, scientists, military leaders, and others believe that the Gandhian Alternative Paradigm holds a great promise for the survival of the present endangered civilization. At the same time, Gandhi is often misunderstood, misinterpreted, and misrepresented. There is, therefore, a continuous need for explaining the content and relevance of Gandhian thought. The present book seeks to help to achieve this task."

1. Introduction
2. A Gandhian Critique of Planned Development in India
3. The Gandhian Perspective on the Contemporary Crisis and Economic Policy
4. - 10. ...
11. Gandhian Alternative to Western Socialism
12. Gandhi on Social and Racial Equality
13. - 14. ...
15. Peace Research and Gandhian Peace Paradigm
16. - 19. ...
20. Gandhian Approach to Economics and Culture of Peace
21. Gandhian Approach to Business Ethics
22. - 28. ...

More information (full contents etc.):
Excerpt (Introduction): bhole-vol3-978-3-938054-11-6.pdf

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