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Can the future of India be protected,  if the extensive corruption in the educational institutions in the country  would remain unchecked  ?


Unfortunately, the businessmen and politicians  have been allowed to have strangle hold on educational institutions in India.  In such conditions,  it appears that corruption in educational sphere has become  an inevitable consequence.


While many in the country appear to have reconciled themselves to the fact that   corruption has become the order of the day in India, even for such people, it would be extremely difficult to reconcile themselves to the fact that the professors and teaching community have also become corrupt  in many ways.   


It is now reported that at the higher level of education such as engineering courses and post graduate studies in arts and science subjects, the thesis and project reports which the students have to prepare as part of curriculam are being outsourced.

There are “consultants” all over who provide ready made reports to the students. The students instead of doing the experiments and investigative studies and obtain the results ,can buy  ready made thesis and project reports themselves.   What is very depressing is the fact that there appear to be many teachers and professors who have “deal’  with the external agencies and they encourage the students to purchase such reports. Of course, the booty is shared between the professors and the agencies.


It appears that there are also many cases where the professors themselves float outfits  in benami  names and set up so called laboratories and research centres , which  function as outsourcing agencies for students.


Obviously, it is not anymore that politicians and business men are alone corrupt but even the so called enlightened professors are no exceptions. 


One would be happy  if some professors would come forward and deny such suspicions vehemently ;  but even they cannot deny the fact that there are many members of teaching faculty who involve themselves in such  corrupt practices.


Who will teach these teachers about the importance of honesty in thoughts and actions?


Certainly, Gandhiji would have been deeply disturbed and Gandhians should introspect as to whether they have failed in their duty by not protesting against such prevalent conditions in India, with Gandhian determination.


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Comment by GOPI KANTA GHOSH on June 20, 2012 at 17:02


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