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My meeting with Parijat

Kathmandu, Nepal, — The popular Nepali woman writer Bishnu Kumari Waiba, known as Parijat, died in 1993. When I met Parijat, I was a 12 years old. Parijat created a sense of love, a sense of relationship and a sense of humanism. She loved her poems very much, and could tolerate any pain.

Parijat told me seriously, “Kamala, sometimes I get pain in my heart. So I write.” I couldn’t keep from smiling. These words made me smile. Her soft voice could be heard in the dim light of her room. Her poem was really so beautiful and such a sweet poem. She told me, “I want to live in poems and stories. I want my life.” At this, I smiled and she, too, smiled a bit in response. My heart stirred.

Originally from Darjeeling, Parijat wrote novels, stories, poetry and essays. Her “Shirisk Ko Phool” (Blue Mimosa) enhanced her as a literary woman and has become an epic of our hearts. She had a big forehead, large and bright eyes, a beautiful nose, elegant lips and a long face with a light complexion.

Parijat had written in her stories, “There are no definites in life. Of course, our lives are definitely obliged to accept this.” While I write, my heart becomes eager to listen to these happy words.

Though she was physically weak, Parijat was mentally strong and intelligent. She was bright. She was wonderful. Parijat published a total of twenty-one books. From her birthplace of Darjeeling, she wrote of love and emotion.

In speaking about her first love, Parijat said, "Love is a sovereign experience in human beings only. A man can have a physical relation with anyone, but love is not so easy. I still have the physical desire for my first love with me, but I do not want to be dishonored. I feel good if he only holds my hand, but nowadays, I digest the early desire by weeping before him. This pain is not one-sided; he also lives in grief and is agitated like me. He is civilized, so he cannot encroach upon my prestige."

Writer Shankar Lamichhane had said, "Parijat is the first poetess of my era." He also said, "I love Parijat. This could be the only definition of love and the relationship that I have with her." Parijat also had faith, affection and love for Shankar Lamichhane. However, she remained unmarried throughout her life.

I know all about Parijat and, by knowing such things, I have also tried to make myself closer to her.

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