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I am sorry to inform my friends and well wishers that someone is trying to make missuse of my email( to get some money in my name. Please be careful. I am on the invitation of Mahatma Gandhi Academy, UK, I never stay in hotels, nor I keep a purse or vaulet with me so no question of loosing my purse. I depend for my travels on my friends and well wishers. If some is really in need of money he or she can write me directly. I shall try to help.

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Comment by Balamurali Balaji on March 31, 2010 at 11:17
It is very sad to note that person of (y)our sorts been electronically hacked for monetary and other gainful purposes. My emails are constantly hacked and even being a techie myself, I regret to tell that I failed to stop that nuance. Sometimes, it is on the server side, many times, it is manually done with an intention.

I do keep purse with me and I used to loose it few times. I do stay in hotels when I go outstation for training purposes and sometimes, I use the Debit card as well.

I do not depend on anyone except few business associates who give me work occassionallly on payment basis and I have to cope up with every other sort of safety threats just as an ordinary man.

As I have to ride the two horses, technology and philosophy, these things are becoming challenging and I never tell this to anyone as I believe challenge is a challenge.

But, getting money in some other's name is far too stealthy act in your case. We cannot expect all the 100 crore of Indian population be with us and all of them like what we do or talk.

May God take CARE of them.

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