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Dear Sister Francesca, I am in UK these days busy with Mahatma Gandhi Academy, a newly started venture by a friend commited to Gandhi's way of life. Basically he has been a successful businessman through-out his life. His wife has been religiously a spiritual person. Professionally she is a nurse in Psychiatric Hospital. Both of them are born in Africa and now British Citizens for the last thirty eight years. I came into contact with them through the Gandhi Foundation, UK, during the Gandhi Summer School where I have been going as a Resource Person.

Couple of weeks back when I was studying your research papers that you kindly shared with me, I got the invitation of this gentleman asking me if I can spare one month for Gandhi Academy, UK? So, I briefly acknowleged your papers and came to the call of this gentleman. His name is Kaushik Patel and his wife's name is Amita Patel.

But I was deeply interested in the papers that you sent me of Dr.Bengston on "Healng with Intention Cures Cancer". My fourty years reseach has proved that, not only the Cancer but most of the physical and mental problems can be cured by "Positive Intentions". And to my surprise, I saw Dr. Len Saputo, MD, practising this theory in his clinic with the help of simple machine in Bay Area, SF, USA.

What Dr. William F. Bengston has tried to prove in his paper: "Breakthrough : Clues to Healing with Intention" is briefly nothing but healing with "Power of Prana". Actually speaking whole universe consists of Prana Energy, in the form of Physical as well as "Subtle or Unseen Energy", which cannot be seen with the Gyanendrya (Eyes). Difficulty with human being is that it forgets to recognise this Energy becuse he never get a chance to experience it in the outside material world. This limitation of human being is basically responsible for all the diseases in this world. This is why Ayurveda has tried to explain the word 'Swasthya'. Which means how human being could be within himself or herself.That is why Ayurvdic research is not done on dumb animals like rats and frogs, the Rishis of Ayurveda had done all research on themselves and came to logical conclusions.

Ayurvedic pathology did talk of Cancer, Urbhuda in Sanskrit, and had come to conclusion that it is a disease that mainly come by Pragyapradha, which means negative-thinking of Mind. That is why Gandhi's main emphasis was on using the mind always in positive direction in order to solve day-to-day problems of this world. And biggest problem of this world has been increasing trends of more and more diseases like Cancer. Modern medical system has been only trying remidies through killing Cancer cells or operations and chemotherapy.

The innovative systm of Intuitive Medicine initiated by you is surely a revolutionary step.
We have to go deep into the concept of 'Intuition'. My humble help is always with you in that direction. With positive and good thoughts, Arya.

Subject: Healing with Intention Cures Cancer
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2010 16:36:40 -0800..

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