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I am in UK, on the invitation of Mahatma Gandhi Acadmey. I should have been in India attending to a seriously ill close-relative. But unfortunately, the sick relative is not able to go by my medical advise and hence I was helpless. I responded to Gandhi Acadmey's call. Although, I continue praying for the recovery of my so dear relative. The trouble with the relative is that his liver has stoped functioning normally and modern medical systm has diagnosed it as a case of Hepatitis C. And the doctors say that Liver Transplanting is the only answer to such problem. Though it is a serious problem, but Ayurveda has a full proff- treatment and I have tried it on several hundred patients including myself.

The basic difficulty with modren medical system is that the very base of their diagnosis is Blood Test Report (BTR). Whatever may be the physical trouble BTR is considered to be the basis of diagnosis. It is right. BTR can not be normal, if the very system that makes the blood, is not functioning normely. More chronic is the case, worst will be the condition of the blood of the suffering person.

The diagnosis in Ayurveda is verey systemetic and also holistic. It starts with very vital human-system, and that is respiratery. So, in Ayurveda, the very first step of cure is to regulate the Pranvahisrota. Prana is the vital energy that helps breathing-system. The second stage in Ayurveda is the Jalvahisrota, that is the chennels that regulates Water in the body, third is the Annvahisrota, which regulates the food-cdhannels and fourth is Rasavahisrota, channels that circulate vital fluids in the body. The Blood comes at the fifth stage. So if the first four vital chennels in human systems do not function normally, how could the fifth-stage functioning be normal and healthy? This is the basic limitation with Modern Medical System(MMS) .

Other limitation with the MMS is that if some particuler organ of human system become sick, the MMS immedeately thinks of its replacement by operating, instead of helping the system recover by medicine and other dietitary- regulation. Here fear-psycosis plays crucial role. When a patient is told that operation is the only answer to the problem like the liver, one is oviously compelled to think that one may die, if not operated immedeatly. So, in most of the cases, it is the fear that scares the patient rather then the disease itself.

For example in the case of acute liver-problemes, there are very good medicines and the Ayurvedic-

Panchkarma Treatments that should be taking care of the patient suffering from Hepatitis C. This is not a loan case. Thousands of patients suffer from this disease and most of them die because they can not afford to go for costely Liver-Transplant. This has been big social problem in the society today.

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Comment by Arya Bhushan Bhardwaj on March 15, 2010 at 10:46

Thanks very much

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