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Messages of Mahatma Gandhi; Part-14

Mahatma Gandhi a different man. He met a lot of persons daily. He had a lot of work and their concerning people. He gave a message everybody time to time. Those messages had a lot of meaning. The person who had gotten it, change his life according to it. Those messages may be useful today.
Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Assam Student Volunteers; “I thank all volunteers of Assam Students’ Union for the services they rendered and wish them all success. My blessings are with them.”372
Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Andhras; “I am sorry for observing silence as tomorrow is Monday. I am glad to visit Andhra. I am sorry, I could not spend longer time in Andhra. I request you to excuse me as I am old. If only you work my constructive programme that is more than seeing me.”373 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Students; “Gandhiji advice was that the students must observe perfect discipline and non-violence. Not only there should be no coercion of any kind, but there should be no show of force either. To take a large mass of students to another College in order to bring out the students of that College, in Gandhiji opinion, would not be strictly non-violent. More than that he could not say. Gandhiji would like the students to act under the guidance and advice of someone in the city in whom they have faith.”374
Mahatma Gandhi gave a message; “I hope Kamala Nehru Basic School will bring credit to the name of the departed.”375 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Commemoration Meeting On Romain Rolland’s 80th Birthday; “The few days I passed with Romain Rolland and his sister at Villeneuve4 were among the happiest days of my life. He has been truly described by some of us as a Maharishi. He bore on his benign face the marks of a great sage. He lived and died5 for humanity, leaving it richer for having lived.”376 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Andhra Desh; “I expect much from Andhra Desha, and I hope the Andhras will fulfill my expectations. This is my wish: Remove untouchability altogether, throw open the doors of all temples for Harijans, strive for communal unity, wear khadi and work for its spread; learn your mother tongue and learn your mother tongue and learn Hindustani as well both in Urdu and Devanagari scripts.”377
Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to British People; “My life itself is a message for the English people.”378 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Foreign Press; “I have seen Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s message, and I have nothing to add to what he has said.”379 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Aga Khan; “May you live for many years.” Mahatma Gandhi gave a message for I.N.A.; “The I. N. A. men have shown great strength, heroism and resourcefulness. But I must confess that their achievements have not dazzled my eyes. To die without killing requires more heroism. There is nothing very wonderful in killing and being killed in the process. But the man who offers his neck to the enemy for execution but refuses to bend to his will shows courage of a far higher type. Troublous times lie ahead of us. Our non-violence has brought us o the gate of independence. Shall we renounce it after we have entered that gate? I for one am firmly convinced that non-violence of the brave, such as I have envisaged, provides the surest and the most efficacious means to face foreign aggression and internal disorder just as it has done for winning independence.
The British were going to quit. What place would India have in the comity of nations? Would she be satisfied with being a fifth-rate power like China? China was independence only in name. India would have long to wait before she could become a first-class military power. And for that she would have to go under the tutelage of some Western power. A trully non-violent India will have nothing to fear from any foreign power nor will it look to British navy and air force for her defence. I know that we have not as yet the non-violence of the brave.”381
Mahatma Gandhi gave a message for Indians in south Africa; “ It is my firm conviction that Indians in South Africa must not submit to the latest social legislation8of the Union. They have at their disposal the matchless weapon of satyagraha which was successfully used for the first time in South Africa.”382 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to South African Indian community; “It is my firm conviction that Indians in South Africa must not submit to the latest racial legislation of the Union of South Africa. They have well nigh exhausted all constitutional means of seeking redress. Therefore, they have at their disposal the matchless weapon of Satyagraha which was successfully tried for the first time in South Africa. There is no cause, therefore for despair. They must vindicate the honour of the nation to which they belong by use of Satyagraha, whether they are few or many. They must not selfishly submit to the contemplated segregation nor accept the racial franchise.”383 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message for N. R. Malkani; “That sterilization of lepers is sinful as the disease is not a hereditary one, is the opinion of Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhiji says If the Congress Party was in favour of sterilization of lepers it would be a wrong decision.”384
Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to American people; “I have never been to America but give my love to the American people.”385 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Jamia Millia Islamia; “The goodness of a good man is itself his true jubilee. Dr. Zakir Husain’s great work itself is his true greatness.”386 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message Parsi Rustam Hall and Library; “Wish Parsi Rustomji Hall and Library silver jubilee function every success and hope that library has served and will continue to serve useful purpose. Hope Sorabjee hall and hearty and will prove worthy son of worthy father. If resisters coutinue vivil resistance up to end with perfect dignity success certain.”387 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to prayer Meeting; “I am asked when the salt tax will be removed; and why it has not been removed already. The question implies impatience. The Cabinet has only been in office for eight days. The Finance Member has not yet taken charge of his office. We must wait. The Cabinet must do everything after full deliberation. It is I who should be impatient, for it was I who initiated the fight for the abolition of this tax. I also know how the loss of revenue can be made up for. Nevertheless I think we should not be impatient. We should not hustle the Cabinet. The Cabinet is of the people and works under their mandate. We must have faith that the salt tax will go and he who has faith can afford to be patient. There are many other things that the Cabinet has to do for the people as quickly as possible. If we continue to give it our support it will surely do all that should be done for the good of the masses. Yesterday I told you that if we would learn to make our cloth we there would be no need for anyone to go naked. Many people do not know how to spin. It is therefore proposed to start classes in the Bhangi Colony from September 11 to 22 for all wanting to learn the various processes from ginning to spinning. Morning classes will be held from 7 to 11 a. m., afternoon classes from 2 p. m. to 6 p. m. Only Re. 1 per head will be charged. Those who wish to join may send their names either to Shri Kanu Gandhi or to Gandhi Ashram, Chandni Chowk, by the morning of September 11. I hope as many persons as can will take advantage of this opportunity.”388
Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Prayer Meeting; “Wherever I may be I am always surrounded by an atmosphere of spinning and khadi. I informed you the day before yesterday that another charkha class would be held here from today for seven days. This time the teachers are better prepared and all the accessories for teaching are also available. It was intended not to admit more than 30 persons at a time to the classes. But 38 came this morning and 34 this afternoon. There were 21 men and 17 women in the morning and 14 men and 20 women in the afternoon.
This shows that there is enough faith and enthusiasm in a certain section of the public. Is it then the fault of those who are responsible for teaching or the present age that spinning has not become universal? To put the blame on the times in which we live shows lack of courage. Faith and diligence should rise above circumstances. If all work were to be carried out on this basis and in this spirit, God would surely reward our labours. Gandhiji requested those who had charkhas in their homes and were not using them to make them over to him either for payment or as gifts. More wheels were needed for the classes. Those whose charkhas were not in working order should take them to the Khadi Bhandar, Chandni Chowk, where they would be set right.”389
Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Tan Yun-Shan; “Is not silent prayer better than a written message?”390 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Prayer meeting; “The talks now going on give rise to the hope that the Muslim League will join the Cabinet. I shall pray for it. I ask all of you also to pray that the entente between the Congress and the Muslim League this time may be even more cordial and enduring than in 1916 or during the Khilafat days, that brother may not now abuse or kill brother and all may live in peace.”391 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Students of Harijan; “It is my earnest desire that the students of the Harijan Udyogshala and members of their families should become true Harijans i. e., men of God.”392
Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Prayer Meeting; “Man should earnestly desire the well-being of all God’s creation and pray that he may have the strength to do so. In desiring the wellbeing of all, lies his own welfare; he who desires only his own or his community’s welfare is selfish and it can never be well with him.”393 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Valmiki Mandir; “It is good that the Valmiki Mandir has, on the occasion of the Charkha Jayanti, taken part in the national yajna by spinning hanks of yarn. May you repeat the performance in future too, and march forward.”394 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to People of Chittagong; “Cultivate the spirit of fearlessness and self-sacrifice. Do not evacuate.”395
Mahatma Gandhi gave a message for Baba Raghavdas; “It is my firm conviction that the education imparted by the British administration, whether at the primary or the higher level, is not conducive to the progress of India, nor could it ever have been so. I have no doubt that only the scheme of education devised by the Talimi Sangh is the right education. And that is meant for all village people whether Hindus or others.”396 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to People of Paniala Union; “I am sorry that I am unable to come to you today, because the road is bad and I have no strength to walk that distance. I am glad that those Hindus who had left their home are returning. I hope that the Muslims there will reassure the Hindu brothers and sisters; those who are guilty will confess their guilt and all will live together amicably. I hope Hindus will eradicate untouchability. Let everyone eat together and let no one be an outcaste.”397. Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to B. S. Murthi; “My blessings to the temple-entry movements should be presumed. I am working here single-handed against odds.”398
Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Industrial School; “It is my earnest wish that all the boys and teachers of this Harijan Nivas and the members of their families may become true Harijans, that is, true devotees of God.”399 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Indian National Army; “My message to I. N. A. people is that they must serve the country and die, if necessary, in achieving their goal. If they do so sincerely, they will be doing real work of Netaji Subhas.”400 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to South India; “I am glad to learn that several temples, including the ancient Srirangam Temple, are being thrown open to Harijans. But a great deal more remains to be done in order to remove this age-long iniquity.”401 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message for People of Vietnam; “My heart is always with the oppressed peoples of the world, and I have full sympathy with the cause for which the people of Viet Nam are fighting.”402
Mahatma Gandhi gave a message for Pyarelal; “ I would not be able to guide him. He should act according to his lights and consult Satis Babu. It is not desirable for him to come here all the way from Noakhali merely to discuss things. I have already given all the advice I could. He should now act as he thinks proper.”403 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message for arabs; “The Jews are a persecuted people worthy of world sympathy and India sympathizes with them. They are energetic, intelligent and progressive. The Arabs are a great people with a great history and therefore if they provide refuge for the Jews without the mediation of any nation, it will be in their tradition of generosity.”404 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Maharaja of Darbhanga; “Be a servant to your subjects. And spend no more than you need from the State exchequer, considering yourself a trustee of the entire property.”405
Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to South Africa; “Field Marshal Smuts3 is a trustee for Western civilization. I still cling to the hope that he will not sustain it on the suppression of Asiatics and Africans. South Africa should present a blend of the three. To the people of South Africa, to whom I am no stranger, I would say that they should not make the position of their representatives impossible by their unwarranted prejudice against colour. The future is surely not with the so-called white races if they keep themselves in purdah. The attitude of unreason will mean a third war which sane people should avoid. Political co-operation among all the exploited races in South Africa can only result in mutual goodwill, if it is wisely directed and based on truth and non-violence.
I have no doubt that those South African Indians who seek to create a division will do harm to themselves and to the great cause of liberty for which the movement of Satyagraha has stood and must stand. To the satyagrahis I would advise strict adherence to the fundamentals of Satyagraha which literally means force of truth and this is forever invincible. It is a good sign that they have a progressive European group solidly behind them. The satyagrahis of South Africa should know that they have India at their back in their struggle for preserving the self-respect of the Indians in South Africa.”406
Mahatma Gandhi gave a message for Anni Besants’s Birt Centenary; “When I was studying in London in 1888 and after I had become, like many, an admirer of Brad laugh and Besant, imagine my excitement when one fine morning I read in the London Press that Annie Besant had become a Theosophist under Blavatsky’s inspiration. I was a mere boy practically unknown to anybody. I would have been more than satisfied if I could have touched the hem of the garments of the massive Blavatsky and her distinguished disciple. But I could not though some friends had kindly taken me to Blavatsky Lodge. When Dr. Besant came to India and captivated the country I came in close touch with her and though we had political differences my veneration for her did not suffer abatement. I hope therefore the centenary celebrations will be worthy of the great woman.”407
Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Student from The Punjab; “The country’s most priceless possession are its students. We are old now. Today we are here, tomorrow we may be gone. You are the true leaders of the country. Students’ role in Satyagraha movement was by no means insignificant. Many young students sacrificed themselves for the sake of swaraj. If I find that this valuable wealth is being wasted anywhere I feel very hurt. I use the word ‘‘wasted’’ because the students become instruments in the hands of others. I feel unhappy when people take undue advantage of you and incite you to go on strikes, drag you into politics and you do all that without using your discrimination.
Do not entertain any communal feelings. Put your powers to good use and treat all the women as your sisters whether they are Hindus or Muslims. To the men and women who have come here, teach rules of sanitation; give those who are ignorant knowledge of the alphabets, maintain the accounts of the camps with great honesty, arrange religious discourses or kirtans at night so that the afflicted souls may be comforted. If you can do all this, then the calamity that has befallen us will have become a blessing, you will gain experience and learn something new from it.
As far as possible give up the fondness for English. I find it is somewhat more in this part of the country. English is a great and rich language. But we can’t set fire to our hut at the sight of someone’s place. Can we? Do learn that language as a pastime if you want but never at the cost of our national language and the mother tongue.”408
Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Kingergarten School; “Are all the Bal Mandirs which are coming up these days worthy of the name? This is a question to be considered by all who are interested in children’s education. The country needs good facilities for children’s education as much as it needs food, cloth and houses to meet its physical needs, for its future depend on the children.”409 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Chinese Women; “If only the women of the world would come together they could display such heroic non-violence as to kick away the atom bomb like a mere ball. Women have been so gifted by God. If an ancestral treasure lying buried in a corner of the house unknown to the members of the family were suddenly discovered, what a celebration it would occasion. Similarly women’s marvellous power is lying dormant. If the women of Asia wake up, they will dazzle the world. My experiment in non-violence would be instantly successful if I could secure women’s help.”410
Mahatma Gandhi gave a message for Charkha Jayanti; “One age of khadi has ended. Khadi has probably been instrumental in doing one thing for the poor. What now remains to be shown is how the poor can become self-reliant, how khadi can become an embodiment of non-violence. That is the real task. We have to show dedication to it.”411 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Army Officer; “I have only one message for you. You have got your guns and stenguns and you are proficient in killing men and all living things. Instead of that you should learn the art of using the sickle, ploughing the land and producing the food necessary for men and other living beings. Forget violence and gain proficiency in non-violence. Maybe from this you will think that I have gone mad. But look at the way Capt. Shahnawaz and Col. Jiwansingh live and work today. They have ceased to be army officers and have become public servants and farmers. Thus they have become more powerful. They are themselves happy and have made people happy. One of them is a Muslim and is doing wonderful work in Bihar. The other, in spite of being a Punjabi and orthodox Sikh, has identified himself with the Muslims of Noakhali. I mention just these two names because I happen to remember them. But many such persons have come to me. They have changed their lives and have become happy. Such a time is now coming. You note down in your diary that the world will curse the scientist who has made the atom bomb. People have wearied of bloodshed. They would like to follow the path of non-violence and peace. India alone can give a lesson in that. America has great riches. Even other countries have more money than we have. Because they have money, they are investing in devices of mass destruction. That is why our scriptures and the Gita teach us not to hoard wealth. The right way of becoming happy is the observance of truth, non-violence, non-hoarding, and celibacy, non-stealing and physical labour. This is as true as a geometrical theorem. Our army will lead the world if it adopts non-violence instead of violence.”412
Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Unesco Conference on Education; “I am deeply interested in the efforts of the United Nations Economic, Social and Cultural Organization to secure peace through educational and cultural activities. I fully appreciate that real security and lasting peace cannot be secured so long as extreme inequalities in education and culture exist as they do among the nations of the world. Light must be carried even to the remotest homes in the less fortunate countries which are in comparative darkness, and I think that in this cause the nations which are economically and educationally advanced have a special responsibility. I wish your Conference every success, and I hope that you will be able to produce a workable plan for providing the right type of education particularly in countries in which opportunities for education are restricted owing to economic and other circumstances.”413 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Shanti Sena Dal; “My life is my message.”414

Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Hindu and Sikh Refugees in N.W.F.P.; “My advice is unalterable. They should remain where they are, if they are brave enough to die and even in the act of dying forgive the enemy. If they have not assimilated this truth they should of course come away as soon as they can.”415 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Malaya; “The attainment of freedom by India has a unique importance in the annals of world history. Let Asia benefit from it. All neighboring countries should work unitedly rather than separately. It is my earnest prayer and wish that God may grant them the strength to do this.”416 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message for Citizens of Chandranagore; “I hope the news that has reached me is not true. I believe the French are a brave and great nation and would not like to suppress or enslave any people whether black or white.”417
Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Students’ Peace Conference; “An auspicious deed needs no blessings, for it is ever blessed.”418 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to U.P. Students; “I have your letter and invitation. I love being among students because I consider myself a student. But at present I am trapped here. Still, this too is a big school. I am being schooled here and am staying here for my examination. Whether I pass or not is in the hands of God. Both are the same to me. You should take your examination in the same spirit. I do not mean that you should only read books for your examination. I can say from experience that so long as our schools do not impart lessons in moral uplift there can be no awakening amongst us. Today the atmosphere in colleges and schools is not pure. First of all it should be purified. Today, though the students read so many books and spend so much money they are not free from anxiety, because they are not self-reliant. I want to change this pitiable condition and I want the students’ help in this. We shall remain crippled as long as we do not conduct our universities through crafts.
Now swarajya has come. Let us all be brothers and sisters. Let no one be high and no one low. Let there be no Hindus, no Parsis, no Christians and no Jews. We should realize that we are only Indians, and that religion is a private matter.”419
Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Bihar; ‘I am here but my heart is in Bihar. The peace that has been brought to Bihar should not suffer the slightest breach. Even if the whole of India should burn, Bihar must not lose its peace. If Bihar can do this, then just as the history of India’s freedom movement began with the Champaran Satyagraha1 and came to be written in letters of gold, similarly Bihar will occupy the place of glory in India’s history for aeons to come. Of this I have not the slightest doubt.”420 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Indonesia; “Success is at your door although the situation does not look bright at present. India fought for 30 years without sympathy from outside. Mahatma Gandhi advised Indonesia to take every opportunity to establish closer relations with other Asian peoples. He was also reported to have told an Indonesian Women’s League delegation attending the All-India Women’s Conference in Madras: Don’t waver. Victory is in sight.”421 Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to Sikh; “The Sikhs have shown courage in that they have eschewed anger. This in truth is real courage. This is the true teaching of Guru Maharaj. That one Sikh is equal to one and a half lakhs of people has this very meaning. Victory to Sikhs!”422 After reading these messages we can say that it’s are very important and meaningful today.


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