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Meeting Mother Teresa

Kathmandu, Nepal, I was 14 when I met Mother Teresa. She had a sentimental heart and appeared like a real mother. When I visited her, she came close to me and said in an endearing tone, "God gives you happiness." I felt special and happy. I was honored.

She was in total peace with herself and walked to the window, "You are always engrossed in love, in life! That is more important than wants, struggles and thought."

I slowly look at her and she smiled, "You like to love, forgiveness, companionship. Life is not easy as I think." Then she began to speak, "The meaning of life is not to keep you in misery. Yes, you can offer many people happiness.

I went on listening to what she said. I met her because I admired her work. In most sense, to love her and not to be able to share her happiness both are opposite things.

She worked so hard for the cause of humanity that I cannot praise her enough for her strength as a woman, a loving mother and her wisdom, commitments and total faith in peace.

Despite the many ups and downs in her life, she continued to work for the poor, sick and downtrodden. She made a difference in the lives of many, including me. Her impression of a brave woman is still in my heart and soul and I hope to work for humanity just the way she did and make the world a better and beautiful place for all.

She loved children every single child and poor women too. She shunned riches and lived a simple life, which she truly enjoyed. Therefore, she was respected to the end of her life.

The cold wind blowing through the window scatter the pages I wrote about Mother Teresa. I collect them hurriedly and resume writing without any pause.

Mother Teresa was beloved because she knew and understood the meaning of love. She lived a meaningful life.

My eyes filled with tears when I came to know that Mother Teresa died. The news made me sad. Mother Teresa was not a person to leave us so soon.

Now she is history. I feel, I have lost a very close relative and so my heart is crying. Mother Teresa is an example of how a woman can fight alone in society against all odds.

Mother Teresa was a beautiful and loving woman. I am trying to follow her path.

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