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 The massacre of more than 120 innocent people in Paris in November,2015 is not the first  incident of horror in recent times. The massacre of school children in Pakistan, the  September,11 attack in USA when thousands of innocent people lost their lives , the Bombay blast and so many other terrorist attacks around the world have really created a grave crisis, which the world is not able to handle.

Are  condemnations enough ?

It has become a routine  that after every one of such massacre, the leaders of government in various countries condemn the terrorist act in strong  terms and take pledge that they would wipe out terrorism at any cost. Of course, the Secretary General of United Nations Organisation also  follows them and makes his own statement of condemnation . The repeated incidents of such terrorist acts only highlights the fact that such condemnations do not really lead to any better secured conditions and the terrorists now appear to have a field day.

Why the world so helpless ?

Now, the question is why is the world feel so helpless in putting down such terrorist acts? Are these terrorists and the military and intelligence powers that they command are  stronger than the rich and powerful countries ?   Is it possible that those powerful countries who declare that they would wipe out the terrorists are themselves responsible for creating and strengthening the terrorists in an indirect way by  their acts of omissions and commissions in the past? It can be  often seen that  a group considered as militants and terrorists at present have been earlier supported by one country or the other. Can we conclude that the conditions favourable for terrorists and  terrorism are facilitated  by the rich developed countries at one time or the other , with little  concern or thought of the consequences to the world at large ?



Obviously, those who carry out the terrorist attacks are the brainwashed young persons who are under the mistaken impression that they are protecting the interests of particular religion or a particular cause and turn themselves into suicide bombers, losing their precious life in the process. They think that they  sacrifice their lives for a cause but really they are innocent people , who are misused  and misguided by the leadership of terrorist movements.  Behind such  actual terrorists on the field, there are leaders of  the terrorist movement,  who have been rendered  powerful  as they have received support at one time or the other from many countries in the past due to various reasons.

Can terrorism be wiped out at all ?

The problem is  that many governments in the world themselves  have indulged in  promoting divisive forces in different regions at various times to serve their political and economic interests. The present turmoil  in Syria , conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and several other areas of strife  such as Kashmir in India have been largely due to the support and encouragement given by different countries to divisive forces  (terrorists / militants)  to cause dissension and unrest to serve their  political interests.

In  such conditions , one wonders whether  the acts  of terrorism can be wiped out at all from the world.

Selective concerns of rich countries

While the rich and powerful nations who have also now become vulnerable to terrorist attacks can strengthen their defences, what about the developing countries  who grapple with such problem? When the strong and rich nations readily condemn terrorist acts when it happens on their soil, they are often hesitant or reluctant to condemn such acts when it takes place in developing countries in Asia and Africa.

The immediate example is Sri Lanka, which suffered enormously due to terrorist acts and some how managed to contain it . When  Sri Lanka took  strong action and fought successfully against militants, several western countries,  particularly UK and USA ,condemned Sri Lanka as violating human rights and passed resolution in U N, criticising Sri Lanka.

Now, India is facing grave problem due to terrorist attacks in Kashmir and India is left to itself to tackle  the issue with little support from other countries.

What about UNO ?

We have United Nations Organisations and Security Council under it.  It can potentially play an effective role  in combating the conditions that create terrorism. But, UNO itself  depends on several countries for it’s own survival and a few  of such countries themselves have indulged in acts of aggression to protect their interest when it suits them, that have paved way for growth of  terrorist outfits in different regions.



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