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Born on 2nd day of October 1869, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is one of the greatest man ever walked on this earth sending the message of peace and non-violence. He was the man of his words and symbol of truth as well for this modern world.

At the very small age when Gandhi did not accepted the orders of his teacher to re-write the spelling of “kettle” correctly, no one would have thought that this man will mark his presence not only in India but all over the world. At the very small age when Gandhi went to study law in England, in the early stages of London he used to live in a very fashionable manner. But later he realised that his aim is to study law not to live luxiouriously. From that time only he started living the life of a simple person. He used to cut his hairs himself, used to wash his clothes and used to go to the school walking. After attaining the degree when he came to India he went to Mumbai to start his carrier. He failed to be a successful lawyer so he went to South Africa for a contract of one month for one man of Mumbai at the age of 25. Thus, started the phase of Mahatma.

During his journey to Johannesburg he was thrown out of the first class bogie even after having tickets because of his colour (black). In only this incident he lost his front pair of teeth. In his autobiography ‘The Story of My Experiments with Truth’ he says this incident to be one of the greatest blot on humanity. He, over the period of one month when realised that the Indians are treated badly in South Africa and are racially discriminated, took the duty to fight for the rights of the Indo-African labourers.

As he was the lawyer there, his salary at the time of 1910’s was Rs.8 lacs per annum. As mentioned earlier, his contract for stay in Africa was only for a month but the labourers in Africa requested to stay him there for some more time and this great man stayed there for about 20 years and finally won the rights for the labourers through truth and non-violence. He became a famous leader thereafter.

When he came back to India he was 45years old. He started the same non-violence here and won the movement after the movement. May it be Civil-disobedience, Non-cooperation, Dandi March or Quit-India. He tasted success everywhere.

Finally on Aug 15, 1947 he saw the free India at the stroke of midnight. But a smaller one because of the partition. And on the following year on 30th Jan 1948 he was murdered by a hindu fanatic Nathuram Godse at 5:15 PM. Three bullets were pumped in his chest and his life ended with his last words as Raam...Raam...Raa...m....

There are thousands of wrong thinking for Mahatma regarding his role on partition and in death of Bhagat Singh. Even I am not sure about the reality but I hope that he was not the kind of a person who whished partition. He was not the man to be accused for the partition or death of Bhagat Singh (Consult-“Gulami Ka Andhera by Kumar Sahu”).

The reason for presenting this blog is to create awareness about Mahatma Gandhi and to provoke all the readers not reach to the conclusion before reading or consulting different books and accusing someone only on the basis of sum of the movies shown nowadays.

This great man spent his lifetime in serving people and what we have returned him for his great work? Have we ever thanked him by heart for his works. And not only him but any of the freedom fighters for their contribution in the freedom movement. I think the majority is of no. So, think what good we have done to them and act accordingly.

“B Unik”

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Comment by Pedro T Mota on April 21, 2010 at 21:40
Very concise and direct aproach to Gandhi life and value.
Comment by Balamurali Balaji on April 20, 2010 at 6:42
Dear Deepak,

Congrats and welcome for posting this. Surely this is a unique post and It is more appreciable if you spread Gandhian message in many other ways too.

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