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Doing more with less: Reducing total cost of ownership (TCO)

With the ever growing IT infrastructure, it is estimated that approximately 80% of the expenses in the IT firms is targeted towards maintenance and support for the existing infrastructure. It has become apparent with the decades of experience in setting up permanent and temporary locations, resources and fixed assets that most of the funds are going towards maintaining and supporting these installations rather than reallocating them to more essential projects.

Many IT pros are always battling to maintain balance between productivity and budget pressures. Even as the better infrastructure and facility management increases the productivity it is becoming increasingly important to throw big fund for enhancing them regularly and on a frequent basis. Thus, it creates pressure on allocating heavy budget to start-ups and high end projects increasing the total cost of ownership (TCO).


It has now become an art of how to keep budget low to do more. Doing more with less becomes a focal point of IT manager whom had hitherto looking for more projects with more cost. Lowering the TCO lowers the costs in staffing, infrastructures and regains the lost productivity. Keeping it below 35% is a challenging task but it is a hundred percent assurance on success of any project.


Mahatma Gandhi’s concept of mass production reflects the similar management technique of reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) but with slightly different variants.


Machinery based mass production concentrates only on large scale production with out considering the requirement of the consumer and regulating the distribution channels.  It increases the cost of setting up of infrastructure, spending on resources. It reduces the human labour giving room only for their leisure and psychological disorders.  Gandhiji believed that such kind of mechanization is meant either to enrich the few at the expense of the many, of without cause to displace the useful labour of many.


He wanted individual production by spinning wheel at homes to be multiplied in many folds across the country which would give both mass production of a tremendous scale and even distribution of the produced.  In his own words, “… if there is production and distribution both in the respective areas where things are required, it is automatically regulated and there is less chance for fraud, non for speculation.”


Huge costs on power-driven machinery, even if state-owned, will be of no avail. Today’s business conditions and infrastructure are resulting out of hunger for profits and racing for a competitive edge. Mass production, mass utilization of man hours and mass accumulation of profits drive today’s small and mid-size business houses destructive and dependent.


A paradigm shift is required in the business environment to promote production by the masses, optimal work hours and evenly distributed profits so as to develop more constructive and conducive atmosphere for the common good.

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