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Mahatma Gandhi - Messenger of Peace & Non-Violence

October2, 2015 International Day of Non-Violence - Mahatma Gandhi Birthday

The United Nations’ International Day of Non-Violence is a global observance that promotes non-violence through education and public awareness. It is annually held on October 2 to coincide with renowned Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday.

Messenger of Peace & Non-Violence

2nd October every year: Sharing the message of non-violence through Global Peace Science & Peace from harmony for social awareness

Mahatma Gandhi (1869–1948):A Great Peace Maker & Non-Violence, Revolutionary Leader

:"There are many causes that I am prepared to die for but no causes that I am prepared to kill for."Mahatma Gandhi.The Story of My Experiments with Truth, 1927

International Day of Non-Violence,

October 2nd, 2015

According to General Assembly resolution A/RES/61/271 of 15 June 2007,which established the commemoration, the International Day is an occasion to "disseminate the message of non-violence, including through education and public awareness".

GHA Message on October2, 2015

International Day of Non-Violence

Creating a Nuclear Free World: Scientific Nonviolent Movement instead of Scientific Nuclear War as Freedom from Violence & wars and Ending a war threat to humanity.

 Global Peace Science - GPS is a scientific Nonviolence movement for creating peaceful & sustainable society through Peace &harmonious education, to be free from poverty, violence and wars in the 21st century.GPS is the science of peace & sustainability from harmony.

Global Peace Science =  Science of Nonviolence  , Science of Sustainability and  Science of  creating a New Harmonious World Order through Peace & harmonious education. Global Peace Science as Victory of Peace over War for  saving the Earth planet & Humanity:

2015 is the Time for Global Non-violent Actions on the GPS base! Become a Global Peace Maker through Gandhian Non-violence!    

GHA calls to inspire with revolutionary change in non-violent mindset a New paradigm for social transformation through change in attitude, values & consciousness and 3Ps - Peace from harmony, Partnerships for Peace & Planet, and  Nonviolent practice.  

Dr. Subhash Chandra,

GHA Secretary General,Global Harmony Association  India    GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony



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