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Love and Law

Oh! My dear friend, the world has become so violent filled with lots of hatred nowadays. You can’t see love so widely spread as air in your surroundings. You don’t easily sense love and passion very often. You seem to be detached from your surroundings.


Oh! My friend, you must step up your passion for love. You stretch your hands and heart to your people, friends around you so as to bring love in your life.


It is a battle between love and hatred, all the time. You can’t afford to be defeated by hatred.  You shall no longer be a coward by letting the hatred spread its evil around you.


And remember, there is no law to teach you how to love; to win over hate in the form of race, religion, color and so on. Try not to surrender yourself to such crimes and wait for the law to correct you.  The fragrance of love not induced by any law – is the one that is straight from your heart.


Be kind and helpful to others no matter whom he or she is; no matter what race or religion or color is. And, do it now without any hesitance.


Love is your strength. It is the strength for everyone: your parents, brothers and sisters, and also to the people whom you come across every day. That’s the one thing that binds you with the rest of the world around you. So, shower your love to all of them. 


Your stillness and stubbornness is not going to do any good for you. There is no law in the world that takes your hatred into its vibes.


Learn to love all around you. Reciprocate the love you receive. Let love transit between you and your community in a lovable way. Don’t think it as your law. I mean, don’t impose it either. Just as nobody is out there to force you, you need not compel you or the other to love.  Let love flows naturally in your surroundings.


That’s where the real power is. All your energy must converge towards showing the strength of love, not the hatred. Like the positive energy that brings all happiness and joy in your life when combined with the love for people around you.  Love must symbolize the courage in you.


No police or military would protect people who are cowards. – Mahatma Gandhi

P.S. This article first published in The Techno-Gandhian Newsletter November 2015

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