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Letter to Superintendent of Police, New Delhi, regarding Jeff Knaebel

Shri Jagbir Singh,
Superintendent of Police,
Darya Ganj,
New Delhi - 110002.

Dear Sir,

I am 67 years old Engineer working for rural technologies and renewable energy equipments to create self-reliant societies as per Gandhiji's wish. My sphere of activity has expanded to about 80 countries so far.

I am in contact with Jeff Knaebel since last 3 years and I have very high reverence for him as he is the biggest follower of Gandhiji on this earth in my opinion. His heart is rebelling against atrocities and killings of innocent women and children by USA in wars like Iraq, Vietnam etc. He is ashamed to be citizen of such a cruel country. He believes in stateless society and whatever he believes he implements at the cost of his own life and property.

So, he made the Satyagraha at Rajghat on 19-6-2009 by destroying his passport and submitting to police for his arrest, thinking that he has to pass his entire life in jail.

I am writing this letter to you to convey my hearty congratulations for not arresting him. I felt that arrest of such a humanitarian follower of Gandhiji would have been insult of Gandhiji who is officially declared Father of our Nation and whose photo is on our every currency note. Really you have saved our Government from big blot of insulting Gandhiji. If he would have been arrested, thousands of newspapers and medias of the world might have criticized and might have described our Government as hypocrite. You have saved our Government from this allegation. You have really upheld the supremacy of conscience in interpreting the law over blind rigid rules acting against humanity by saying Jeff Knaebel that "Jails are for criminals, not for the person like you. Your action is simply violation of rules, but it is not criminal act. So, we do not want to arrest you."

So, you deserve thousands of congratulations from the people like me loving humanity. You have really increased the reputation of our Government that Government is acting humanly and not blindly, sticking to black words of the rules.

When I came to know that Jeff Knaebel has not been arrested, I thanked God and I invited him to come to Rajkot and stay with me as long as he desires. He accepted my invitation and he has come to Rajkot and he is staying with me. I consider it my good luck that I have opportunity to stay with such a great personality and the biggest follower of Gandhiji.

However, Jeff Knaebel wants to convey you this fact that he is living with me and by chance in future, Government thinks otherwise and decides to arrest him, he is available here. While he is here, he will work for humanitarian activities and to uphold human rights throughout the world through his two websites and by writing articles. ;

With kind regards,

Tagore Road, RAJKOT - 360002, INDIA
91 92 27 60 65 70 ( MOBILE)
SKYPE-- vkdesai1
91 281 243 1086 (HOME)
91 281 246 7552 (FAX)

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Comment by Arya Bhushan Bhardwaj on July 18, 2009 at 22:12
Dear Shri Desai, Thanks for hoasting Jeff for his act of bravery of declaring himself as World Citizen and offering his passport at Gandhiji's Samadhi, New Delhi. Today, the time has come when Geo-political boundaries has lost their relevnce.Each and every citizen living on this gloab has to think in this direction. I have been a part in such a gathering in Budapest, Hungary, on 14th July 09, where similar idea of , "Think Positively, Act Localally and Live Globally" has been mooted. The occesion was "Spritual Economics(Aprigraha) International Seminar". I once again congratulate Jeff for his couragious Act. I admire you also for your kind help to Jeff, Arya.
Comment by Balamurali Balaji on July 16, 2009 at 8:59
Yes, I agree with Dave with a little difference.

Political leaders are more of playing a "Representatitve of the State" role and "Individual Justice" is kept at distinct and high regard for them.

But for Jeff, Justice and Truth are still at large. My humble opinion. Pls. read my previous comment on this post once again.
Comment by Dave McClave on July 16, 2009 at 8:41
RE: Aunty Kamala & Obama - I would venture to say that most "awake" people in the US realize that changing the face of the president changes nothing. Mr. Knaebel's stated views are that the "establishment" is still in control, regardless of the figurehead. I tend to agree. The face has little to do with the policy. We have had few exceptions in the US - the majority of our political leaders are simply mouthpieces for a monetary power behind the scenes.
Comment by Aunty Kamala on July 16, 2009 at 5:47
Does Mr. Kanebel feel any differently towards the US now that the people of that country have elected an entirely different leader, President Obama?
Comment by Balamurali Balaji on July 10, 2009 at 6:28
Well done Mr Desai.

I too have respect and regards for Mr. Jeff Knaebel who had stood for his principles for long time. He is the rarest of the rare person in this world.

People like you are still there to bring truth and justice to prevail on this earth. It has become a common phenomena from the part of Government and Media to hide the truth in what is happening to many Gandhians and the Jeff Knaebel episode has been brought to light through you.

We all must do something to prevent this kind of injustice forced upon us Gandhians even if it takes a "Arrest of the whole group" kind of protest.


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