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It is extremely sad and distressing that in the holy month of Ramzan, some terrorist groups indulged in un Islamic act of killing  63 people in three continents on Friday 26th June,2015.

The civilised people around the world are shocked at such brutal massacre and refuse to believe that such terrorist activities could have been carried out by any genuine  follower of Prophet Mohammed  , who understand the teachings of Holy Koran.

Islam is a peace loving religion  and  constantly talks about the need for love , compassion and peace in the minds of individuals all over the world. Any one who justifies  killings and terrorist acts in the name of protecting Islam could only be a person with a sick mind and cannot be considered as a genuine Muslim.  Such people are really doing great harm to the cause that are espoused in the Holy Koran and are damaging the great reputation of Islam.

The terrorists in the name of Jihad  have killed 37 people  and wounded 36 others in Tunisian resort town of Soussi on Friday.  On the same day, another suicide bomber struck a Shiah mosque in the Kuwaiti capital during Friday prayers , killing  atleast 25 people  and wounding many others. On the same day, atleast one terrorist launched a day light raid on an industrial gas factory in France and pinned a severed head to their gates. What to make of  these grave incidents and what to think of these terrorists behind these violent attacks ? What do they really gain and what point do they try to make ? What cause are they  trying to espouse ?  Are they not doing great injustice to the thoughts and philosophy of Prophet Mohammed?

These violent persons foolishly think that they are fighting for a cause and are also sacrificing their lives under  misdirected  guidance. How  to protect the reputation of Islam from such people , who thoughtlessly  execute violence, thinking  that violence can be the means to what they perceive as victory  ?  Obviously, they have been so brainwashed that they do not have the mental frame work to know that violence can never achieve any ends and it only cause more sufferings and will beget more violence.   Many people now think that civilised society can well be without these misdirected  people.

Muslims live in a  honourable and dignified way in many countries  around the world,  following the teachings  of Holy Koran in letter and spirit. They are citizens in many countries mingling with the local population and living as integral part of the country where they reside. When some terrorists indulge in such violent methods and kill people in the name of protecting Islam , the honourable Muslims living in various countries have the task of convincing the fellow citizens that they disapprove such methods and also explaining that Holy Koran do not approve such methods.

It is high time that the world society recognise  that any terrorist is a violent and undesirable person and should not be linked to any religious group or  any other class and should be condemned and punished  in a way that  he deserves. 

A strong anti terrorist movement  is now called for all over the world that should be supported by individual world citizens.  Since quite a number of these terrorists carry out their violent acts in the name of protecting and defending  Islam,  the Muslims all over the world, in particular,  should actively participate in such anti terrorist movement, so that there  would be no blot on this great  religion of  Islam .


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Comment by Balamurali Balaji on June 28, 2015 at 7:59

Well, a timely article from you, MR. NSV. Hope you must be aware of what has happened in Tamilnadu, yesterday.

A muslim youth was dead under mysterious circumstances when called for Police Interrogation in Ambur. Ferocious muslim community needed justice and answer from the government when the riots broke in the evening of 27th, Saturday. Many shops were looted, destroyed, a liquor bar (some are happy about it amid a wider protest of prohibition in the state) gutted in fire, police vans burnt and stoned, some two wheelers destroyed... And, it was a whole lot of communal violence.

Injustice to a single youth, even a single youth, has been taken on the roads by the Muslim community, which is considered as minority community in the state. Their feeling of oppression and prejudice has aroused at times when a pitiful injustice caused to one or the other.

JIHAD is a collective force that desperately, deliberately using violence for creating trouble and settling their scores with their political rivals. The dominant Muslim world has become prey to their own religious fundamentalists due to their frictious approach towards the rest of the world and within.

All this happening during the month of RAMDAN is not a good sign for the Muslims, and also for the world. Not one anti-terrorist movement is enough to contain this. To put it religiously, SATAN must leave the Muslim world to bring peace and harmony in their lives.

-Balamurali Balaji

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