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Learning Violence, Conflict and Fragility

Learning Violence, Conflict and Fragility

I'd just want to share with you all that I've just completed the World Bank Institute’s Core E-Learning Program on Violence, Conflict and Fragility.

This course explores the nature of modern forms of violence, approaches to preventing and managing them, and ways the international community can support these processes. It is organized around the main themes of the 2011 World Development Report, the New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States and other seminal documents.

This 20-day course provided insight on fragile conditions of various countries where people are struggling to live a normal life and how did they overcome through peace building and state building goals.

As with the famous quote of Leo Tolstoy "All happy families resemble one another; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.", addressing fragility too is based on the similar notion - "unhappy countries are all unhappy in completely different ways."

This course gave an imminent exposure one must have to see today's emerging and un-developed nations looking out for ways and strategies to thrive amid inter-state and intra-state violence and conflict.

Off the track from my regular living with Gandhiji's nonviolent ideology, this provided an opportunity to share and debate on various issues in the violent world. It was an interesting experience to share my thoughts with hundreds of other participants; well, I learned a lot about the world.

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