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XXIII This Self cannot be attained by study of the Scriptures, nor by intellectual perception, nor by frequent hearing (of It); He whom the Self chooses, by him alone is It attained. To him the Self reveals Its true nature. We may imagine that by much study we can find out God; but merely hearing about a thing and gaining an intellectual comprehension of it does not mean attaining true knowledge of it. Knowledge only comes through direct perception, and direct perception of God is possible for those alone who are pure in heart and spiritually awakened. Although He is alike to all beings and His mercy is on all, yet the impure and worldy–minded do not get the blessing, because they do not know how to open their hearts to it. He who longs for God, him the Lord chooses; because to him alone can He reveal His true nature.
XXIV He who has not turned away from evil conduct, whose senses are uncontrolled, who is not tranquil, whose mind is not at rest, he can never attain this Atman even by knowledge. Man must try to subdue his lower nature and gain control over the body and senses. He must conquer the impure selfish desires which now disturb the serenity of his mind, that it may grow calm and peaceful. In other words, he must live the life and develop all spiritual qualities in order to perceive the Atman.

Gandhi is one of those very fortunate who come under this graced  in human history .  He is not an academician , nor a scholar , nor claims to be of any . He is not a leader of any kind or in any field but a true follower of many who gave the theories of good and  pious life in world history ......He says - '' there is no any theory or principle that i claim or declare to be mine or as founder and discoverer , there is nothing  behind me as ''ism '' but i am behind those all who honestly thought and gave life principles to be followed '' 
He is humble follower of Lord Ram , who thinks welfare of his enemy ; he follows , Lord Krishna , who calls us to our duty not for results but for duty sake , He follows Buddha , who preaches compassion ;He follows Mahaveer who declare Non-Violence as the best religion , He follows  Jesus for his love and forgiveness , He follows Muhammad for his  brotherhood  ......He follows , tries , strives , aspires for all that is good , humane and useful for him and useful for others and the whole society ......He practice all that great thinkers and History- Born Great Souls ,  propounded and suggested  human race to follow .....Gandhi made experiments with all this and practised in his own life , in others life , in religion , sociology and in politics with appreciable positive wonderful results ..... This is the great credit to him to bring theories to practice .....heavenly thoughts to sow , grow , cultivate and flower fruit on earth , 
Therefore I earnestly  request and suggest , that we need not know Gandhi , to read of him , to know of his principles and theories as he had none of these  he has his life and work to be known and followed .....He was a man of action , He did what he learnt , his theory was pure and simple ......what you learn and find that it is good for you and for all ....FOLLOW IT , ACT ON IT , SEE IF IT WORKS .....this was the well-thought mission of Gandhi if we like Gandhi we should try to follow his way of life in our action it than know it . his life is his book , his philosophy , his conviction .
It is , no doubt , very very difficult , say rare to be Gandhi and very difficult to be his follower but easily we can like him and try to follow him  as little as we can , is not less to our lives .....with this like and homage to this GREAT SOUL , THE CHOICE OF GOD , BEING WORTHY OF HIS CHOICE , I remember him  .( On oct.2 , 2012 )

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Comment by Garvin Brown on November 5, 2012 at 5:56

Drynpathak I like your thoughts. One of Gandhi,s sayings often heard but not very often ACTED upon is.........We Must Be The Change We Wish To See ... There are people who will take a pledge but it means nothing because pledges are not seen to be BINDING upon a person these days. To Be The Change it is necessary to take positive ACTION to make Change Happen.   Garvin

Comment by Garvin Brown on October 11, 2012 at 2:43

I love your devotion which comes thru your words. I am coming to Assam in December 2012 where I stay at Parijat Academy on the outskirts of Guwahati. There will be a large gathering of locals and also USA Assamese who are very active in the uplift of the Poor. There will be a large Walk on January 1st in Guwahati.

I am planning to visit many parts of the North East to so Gandhi Peace Walks.

I now have a web page set up by my



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