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Join as Coordinators of different wings of INDIA Redefined in AWARENESS CAMPAIGN CHAMPIONSHIP

"INDIA Redefined" Stakeholders are the Citizens of India and INDIA Redefined


All over world the Govt. sector, Corporate Sector, NGO Sector are working but Best Humanitarian Initiative 2009 award winner INDIA Redefined, a Non Political Citizen's Empowerment Movement,started in 2009 is bringing the Fourth Sector "The Common People" working for the betterment of the Country on one platform in masses from all over India. Our Stakeholders include us - the Citizens of India.




Common people till now have only come together if they are against something ; e.g All Independence movements, Movements against corruption, they have never come on one platform to work positively for country and then empowering themselves.


 India Redefined draws its inspiration from Gandhian Movement which was a revolution focused on independence. It was also about specific actions like non- cooperation by citizens. We are just trying to apply many Gandhiji's principles’ in this era, in this society and during these times. Maybe in a different flavor! Maybe the context is different! Maybe it’s a different world! But the goal is same! He also wanted India a better place to live in.


Different wings of INDIA Redefined are :


  • India Redefined Public Policy & Administration Advisory Committee ( PPAAC )- Only for Indian Administrative Service people.
  •  India Redefined Citizen Safety Forum -only for Indian Police service, Indian Army, Indian Navy & Indian Air Force People.
  • India Redefined Research and Development wing.
  • India Redefined Media PR wing - Only for Journalists, Reporters from TV, Print media, Radio.
  • India Redefined Information Technology win.
  • India Redefined Citizen' s Legal Advisory Forum- Only for Judges and Lawyers.
  • India Redefined 3rd Sector Partnership Program-for NGOs to become partners.
  •  India Redefined Entrepreneurial Initiatives Group (EIG).
  •  India Redefined Health and Hygiene Action Group - Only for Doctors, India Redefined Creative Wing.
  •  India Redefined Citizen-Corporate Collective Responsibility Group (CCCRG) for Citizens to join their Individual Social Responsibility ISR to join with Corporates for their Corporate Social Responsibility CSR.
  • India Redefined Creative Wing




These are voluntary jobs. No Payment.If you have read the work profiles of Coordinators at after joining the movement at website, please specify the post you want to apply. Send your CV and photograph at 


 The mission is to empower citizens of India by bringing about a behavioral change in the masses towards discharging their responsibilities and exercising their rights which are constitutional, societal and social.


 Anti Corruption Movement has United the Citizens &this unity has to remain to become like a pressure group forever. Too few leaders, like Anna, have first built their credibility by doing their duties. And even the followers of such leaders have yet to do their duty towards country, society and community at large. Hence the moral authority of such movements does not last long and is dependent on the leader's karma. First fulfill your duties and responsibilities, then you automatically have the moral authority to demand your rights and once it is done on a unified platform like INDIA Redefined, nobody will be able to ignore your rights.


 "Don't leave governance to the people who are not our representatives, don't leave Policy to the people who do not feel they are accountable to us, and don't leave all the other problems like literacy, slums, environment etc to NGOs and social workers who struggle without Citizen's support."


 For too long as citizens we have demanded our rights through numerous movements, always ignoring our duties. If you are willing to mentor ten semi illiterate Indians about this Anti Corruption then JOIN INDIA Redefined www.indiaredefined.orgC.U.R.E INDIA Campaign - Citizen United for Redefining & Empowering. "Ek Ka Dus" is the first Initiative of C.U.R.E. India Campaign. Make a difference in the lives of ten underprivileged Indians and let them become your follower.


 Photos of INDIA Redefined Community Leadership Program







 INDIA Redefined Pledge




I, a common citizen of INDIA, take the pledge to Carry out my responsibilities toward the country and the society and stand for my rights.


As a member of INDIA Redefined movement I shall work within my available resources and time to awaken other citizens of India and create an Educated, Healthy, Green and Sustainable country to have a Prosperous and Happy India for ourselves and the future generations.


 So let us "Ask not what country can do for us but what we can do for the country" - and this is the crux of India Redefined.




On 15th August India Redefined Supporters organized some peace rallies in different states called "March for Happy India"




 India Redefined Initiatives -“I Care” ,"Educate India", "Develop your own village", "Cure India" , “Youth Campaign-Clean, Green, United, Peaceful India”, INDIA Redefined Internship Program, Leadership Program etc.




You can see interview aired on ETV Urdu  "Ham Badlenge Desh Badlega" on website.




Many INDIA Redefined Supporters have put their INDIA Redefined badges on their facebook and other social networking sites.Please send your photograph on, for your INDIA Redefined badge.




INDIA Redefined Vision, Mission, Objective:








 Create an India of tomorrow which is


• Awakened, informed and educated


• Clean, green and sustainable


• Healthy, prosperous and happy








 Empower citizens of India by bringing about a behavioral change in the masses towards discharging their Responsibilities and exercising their Rights, which are:


• Constitutional


• Social


• Societal




INDIA Redefined is initiating its first INDIA Redefined AWARENESS CAMPAIGN CHAMPIONSHIP, 2011




Lets reach people....


Lets make, we -the citizens come on a common platform.










All those interested to apply, should send in their applications showing their interest to participate in the campaign along with their resumes by 28th September, 2011 to The Facebook pages will be assigned only after the receipt of all applications but preferences with respect to the same can be mentioned in the application itself.




INDIA Redefined has facebook pages for different States and Union Territories and facebook pages for different Wings:




What you require to “Redefine India”

Love for “India”
Passion to be the “Catalyst” of change
Belief in your “Actions”
Trust in others to become as “Committed”
Action to “Change” – yourself and others around you





Ranjana Kanti(Founder)


INDIA Redefined


Ph : +91 9004188844


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