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In this world where the science and technology has taken over the upper hand, we usually forget the Reality and just live with the outwardly happenings around the physical- world, thinking that this is all that is taking place and there is nothing else which suppose to be beyond the scene of the two eyes. This preseption of the world is misleading and therefore creates confusion in the minds of the people. We forget that it is a temporary phenomenon and not going to stay for ever. What is going to stay for ever is actually the Reality. Which we can not see with mortal eyes. So the importent thing is to see Reality face to face. Discover the Third Eye. Third eye is nothing but developing the process of going within.This process can be developed by Atmgyana.


Atmgyana cannot be achieved by mental or intelecual pawer alone. It is at much more higher level. At mental and intelectual level we can understand things that are changing shapes every moment but cannot cgange reality as it is much higher-up..It is beyond the aura of Science of Technology, That is why the interptation of the Author of the book on Gandhi under review, are not correct as the Author himself has not been able to go beyond intelect. He could be analysing the facts up to the senses-preception. Gandhi had gone beyond that level. That is why at the fagend of his life, Gandhi was left alone. What to talk of his political high-ups like Pt. Jawaherlal Nehru and others who left him in the middle of Freedom-Movement, even the closest colleagues like Acharya Vinoba Bhave, Kakasahib Kalelker, Kishorelal Mashruwala, Krishandas Jaju had also differed with Gandhi on his experiment on Brahamcharya in the last days of his life when he was on Noakhali Yatra in the year 1947.


It is not the first instance that Gandhi has been misinterprated. There have been many examples,such as his former Private Secretry, Prof. Bose who was with him on his Noakhali Yatra. Prof. Bose also left him in the middle of the Yatra, expressing his differances over the Experiments that Gandhi had been conducting on Brahamchrya. There were other persons also working with Gandhi that had left him. But the uniquness about the man Gandhi is that he never deter and continued his experiment. When he was blamed of Sleeping-nacked with his young grand-daughters, Gandhi politly replied, I am not only sleeping with my grand-daughters, I have been sleeping with entire womenhood. 


So the Inner Higher Maths, the Sankhya, is very timely to learn in order to understand the Reality of life. The 24 exercises that he explained are marvelous. As I have told earlier, first five are the basic elements, the Panchmahabhutas, the facts of the Universe, at the macro-level. Then comes 5 Gyanendryas, therafter comes Panchkarmendrias,lastly come Panchtanmatras the most suttle-unseen. The last three are Mind, Intalect, Ego, and the last one is Reality, the Atmgyana. Only few indviduals like Gandhi and others could reach there because of the Sadhana, those noble souls are called Mahatma.  









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