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Is Fascism right for a nation?


While the countries in the world are moving towards democracy in its practical form, is it appropriate for Fascism to find a space or significance? Is it an invincible thread that gets automatically knitted with the other elements of democracy?  This article puts the facts about fascism as they are and finds its presence in today's politic.

In a developed world, like the U.S. and the other European countries, people certainly keep their feet off the political whimsies and  the clutter around the duties and functions of pure democracy, rather participating actively in decisions regarding administration and governance, leaving no time to think about the hidden, fascist motives and manipulative moves initiated by parties.  Even as the individual freedom  and human rights constitute a major factor in determining the ways politics taking shape, fascist  elements  like military dominance, corporatization and insisting on the exactness of identities and labeling have been definitely changing the course of thinking and action in political systems, and forms the part of election campaign and results.


In a country like India, political leaders often resort into changing their approach to fascism as they mainly find it convenient to meet their goals. Just like developed countries, developing countries too have the division of good politician and bad politician. Fascist approach is often disregarded by the un-educated and downtrodden, and often failed to perform well for them in elections. India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, China, Indonesia and Japan are well known for their democratic processes in the recent decades shifting themselves from anarchy and monarchic regimes only during the last century. Fascist principles are generally considered as a short-cut, anti-national (!) approach to achieve political gains which otherwise be ignored or impossible through the means of democracy. For the same reason, Indo-US nuclear deal has been strongly criticized by hard-core democrats of the country who wants to see development by the means of self-reliance and indigenization.


[Mohandas K Gandhi visited Rome, Italy in 1930-39 and was seen with Italian officers and Miss Slade. He took a Guard of Honour of Italian soldiers while one of them gave a fascist salute.  Naval cadets did march past and demonstrated field artillery and drill skills with toy guns.]


As far as the issue of corruption is considered, Western and the European nations are not addressing it on a common basis. Sacking and Firing of individuals have become part of the process while the citizens take care-free liberal ways of performing their duties. Japan has witnessed five Prime ministers in a decade on the charges of corruption and malpractice indicating only the dominance of fascist ways of politics. While many countries like Egypt, Syria, Hong-Kong, including the U.S. has witnessed nonviolent street protests in challenging corruption and tainted leaders, they were not realizing the truth that it was the fascist kind of administration that was routed out. 


Incidents of sexual scandals have took toll of many Governors and Senators in the U.S. were pumping the fuel to the furnace that is producing a new breed of politicians, enabling the governments to frame new laws in bringing the issue of sexual harassment very much under the covet. Religious fascism has taken the form of Catholic decorum when the Pope of the Vatican City was bristled with controversies over baptizing gay sex and legalizing church sex.


Such repressive moves by any government may see a visible change in the shortest period of time, but it is a change that cannot be measured or judged by experts and thinkers; a change that sweeps away with the originality of the nation’s core values; a change with no reasoning or legal stature.


Beyond all such stern opposition and vague patronization, Fascism still remains as an authoritative tool in current affairs of the state, breaching all the noble and civilized processes prescribed in democracy and pulling the strings of change in rapidity to disdain the innate human powers. 



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