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This is an open invitation for all the friends of Gandhitopia to participate in the proposed Seminar on APRIGRAHA.

The dates and venue of the seminar will be decided soon. Interested friends can send their ideas and the practical suggestions as to how this new thought could be put into practice. Dates of the Seminar would be made available very soon. Those who are willing to join or want to contribute their written papers please write to Savitriji at the folloing address please--

SAVITRIJI, Shanti Yoga Ashram, ,

4217, East West Highway,


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Comment by Christopher Wroth on February 13, 2010 at 20:26
Namaste Arya ~ I am curious. I have only seen the term as aparigraha. Have you left the first "a" out of the term because you are referring to something else? If not, then my comment is that this yama is critical in the modern world, where hoarding of material objects is encouraged so much. Every American is confronted with thousands of buying opportunities daily. Advertising attempts to break down all consumer resistence. A vow to restrain consumption is necessary to combat the onslaught of advertising. Thank you for continuing to spread the word. ~ Chris

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