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Since 9/11, the day when WTC was attacked by the Islamists, I am talking to Bapu not only in dreams but also when I am awake & fully concious. Just after few days of 9/11(on 2nd October, 2001), I wrote the following letter to American President-

Hon'ble President,

United States Of America,

White house,

Washington D.C.


Respected Sir,

Suddenly the whole world has realized the challenge posed by the terrorism on 11th Sept,2001 although many people and nations were aware of this evil since last 2/3 decades.

By the grace of God some idea flashed into my memory which I would like to submit before you.

Terrorism is just opposite to Spiritualism.One thrives on hatred of our mind while the other can be realized only when our heart is full of love and compassion .If any BL symbolizes terrorism today then the figure and persona of our beloved late Mahatma Gandhi and Mother teresa was also synonymous of love and compassion.

Destruction of WTC is one of the greatest tragedy but the world is trying to make it an opportunity to end the menace of terrorism.Rarely in our history such moments come when we see near unanimity on any matter across the globe.US Govt. looks very sincere and cautious to ensure this opportunity is not wasted but still exploring the political options and military actions only.

Is it not the time when we should look forward for some innovative and alternative approach to meet this unprecedented challenge which has not been posed by any religion or nation but by omnipresent evil thought symbolized by a few persons???

If we have WSC at the same spot where the tall and gorgeous WTC was standing a few days ago then we can hope our future generations will draw the inspiration to end all evils from our globe in a collective manner.World Spiritual Centre at the most busy spot of our globe can really provide a moment to the tired humanity to think about their future directions.Where to go now??????

There can be no better point on our earth where we can have such a memorial-where the blood of the persons of all nationalities and religions have conglomerated.

For construction of such a memorial funds may be collected from every willing nation,religion,corporate, person , however small and token amount he may like to donate for such a nobel cause .

If you kindly agree with above then I would like to make a detailed presentation to make our small and unique world terror-free and evil free.

With best regards,

Sincerely yours,




Copy to:

1.Hon'ble Vice-President,USA

2.Hon'ble First-Lady,USA

3.Secretary state,USA

Since then a lot about the 'increased relevance of Mahatama Gandhi & Hinduism in 21st century' has been written & debated by me at various forums. My my book "Hindulogy & America" (published in 2006)contains references on Gandhi almost everywhere besides having following articles, which are solely dedicated to Gandhi.

1. Gandhi also opted for the route of Evolutrion ( as against revolution )
2. US need Gandhi now.

If 9/11 had acted like a trigger in turning Global attention towards the philosophy of Gandhijee then economic boom started in 2003, acted like a dampener in the rising popularity of Gandhi. Now the 'boom' has also been replaced by the 'gloom', therefore Global interest in Gandhi has suddenly increased so much that perhaps it was never since his departure 61 years ago. If UN is observing his birthday as the "day of Peace or Non-violence" then Presidential candidate of Democratic Party ( Barrack Obama) was also writing flowering tributes on Gandhi on October 02, 2008.

Indian film "Lage Raho MunnaBhai" truly depict the Gandhian phenomenon, which remains alive, vigilant, moving, inspiring and assuring even after his murder 61 years ago. Spirit (Atma) never dies, this was also believed by Mahatama. Spirit can neither be confined in the limitations of a religion nor it can remain imprisoned in the national boundaries.

In his lifetime, Gandhi never lacked the courage to meet any kind of challenge by the all humility at his disposal. He also never evaded any reply to any question posed before him by anyone. Even today, the Gandhian spirit is moving everywhere to answer all kind of questions ranging from private life to the utmost public importance.

I am trying to have interviews with Bapu on various issues and challenges being faced by the humanity & Globe of 21st century. I am very fortunate to have his frank replies on every issue ranging from Islamic Terrorism to Global Economic Crisis. be contd

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