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Kathmandu, Nepal, — India celebrated its Independence Day on Aug. 15 by flying the national flag and with parades. India gained freedom from British rule in 1947. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said last year, "All countries in our region must recognize that terrorism anywhere is a threat to peace and prosperity everywhere. It must be confronted with our united efforts. There is a large constituency for peace and shared prosperity among our people and we must work together to build on that."

Many Nepalis expressed well wishes and congratulations to India on the anniversary of its independence. "This is the independence of light, when each of us looks with anticipation towards that which is good and wonderful and joyful. Our congratulations to India," said local Nepali woman Radhika, from Kathmandu.

She added, "Indian people, students and workers, are in the streets celebrating Independence Day. For some years, economic prospects such as employment, business, science, investment have all been growing in India. I think much of India's development. Its progress, development and creative talent have really touched and moved me. I always pray for its success.”

Local Nepali teacher Chural said, "Democracy, nationalism, politics and the environment are progressive. Only development and democracy can guide the people. What we can do is to watch, observe, enjoy and lead ourselves onto the right path with development, freedom and peace. I congratulate the Indian people."

He further stated, "I ask all my Indian friends to please always be comforted. In the world, there is nothing more important for you than your nation, your identity and your way of life. Please try to keep it always in harmony and joy. Success and failure are relative terms of human existence and both are equally important to us. It is true that the Indian people are able to progress because of spiritual passion. I am really grateful for our Indian-Nepali friendship."

Nepali student Bhagwati Thapa shared, "When I hear about terrorism in India and Nepal, I can hardly sleep. I think seriously about the people of both countries. So I suggest for people to please be strong. I also think, unfortunately, that terrorism is a big threat to our peace and development. However, we have to be optimists. We have to discover a solution by joining hands. I am an anarchist; however, I respect security and freedom. We as a people have already developed a powerful foundation inside of us, which will surely help us to reach our goal. We are right; we should be optimistic."

My Indian friend, Suchitra, said, "During Independence Day, we need to share and discuss more our ideas about democracy and development. Also, we need to highlight the economic agenda. What are the major objectives, and what are the strategies to achieve them? Even with the troubles we face, no matter what, we should be proud of our actions; starting peace is an important undertaking."

My own wishes to her were, "I am really happy that India is celebrating its Independence Day. I wish all the best for you and your people."
Source:UPIAsia Blog.

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