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I saw Gandhiji for the first time in London in 1909, in an English suit and a top hat. A party was given to a friend who had completed his education in England, and I was invited to it. Gandhiji too was there. When he was asked to speak, he got up and said: 'Why do you give him a party? What has he done? He has merely completed his studies. Let him go to South Africa and work there.' That was the tone of his speech even in those days. The next time I saw him at Kanpur in 1916 in the simple dress of a peasant. The first thought that came to me was that he had become so poor. I pitied his lot, and thought of taking out some guineas from my pocket to give to him. That was my second impression of him. The third time I met him was in Bihar in 1917, when, on his way to Champaran, he stayed as a guest with my father-in-law, the late Mazhar-ul-Haque Saheb. The fourth time I met him was in 1921. The Ali Brothers had asked me to suspend my practice at the Bar, hut I refused to do so and said: 'Why do you want me to suspend my practice? I will give you money, if you want it.' But I had to give in when Gandhiji asked me to suspend the practice, saying: 'We want you and not your money.' (As it was said by St. Paul: I seek not yours but you.' —2 Cor, 120 4.) "After that," Dr. Mahmud added, "I have been in intimate contact with him. I resumed my practice in 1925 with his permission, and left it finally in 1930, after which I have never practised."
Source: The Great Experimenter - By Bharatan Kumarappa, Incidents.
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