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The friends from all over the world have been kind enough to respond to my personal request. Very first gift has come from a couple from Holland. This couple came into contact with me few years back at Gandhi Summer School in UK where I have been invited by Gandhi Foundation, UK, as a resourse person. The name of the couple is Ester and Wim. Ester has been to India few years back. She stayed with a Gandhian Community where she was given an Indian name, Taraben. Both Taraben and Wim have been leading a life of austerity. They have been living life of Voluntary Poverty which is a rare thing in the West. They have been living in a Green Community. It is a community of famlies that work on their small holdings doing natural farming. They are not using cars for their transport. They either use bicycles or train/ bus, they are using solar energy wherever thay can in order to save focil fuel.

The second respond has come from Gandhi Foundation,UK. Graham Davey has been an instrument. I am thankful to Gandhi Foundation, UK. The third initiative has been taken by Mark Hoda, who has been recently named to Chair Gandhi Foundation UK. I know Mark for many many years and he has been working to promote Gandhi's ideals in Britain for more than a decade. I am thankful to Mark also.

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