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I am just a cotton fiber,

with no strength of my own,

fragile enough to catch fire easily,

getting soaked by a drop of water,

blown away even by a gentle breeze,

floating on water getting drifted, and

flowing down fast to the ocean.


As I join and cooperate with my fellow fibers,

I start gaining strength immeasurable,

not getting blown away easily by air,

as we fibers stay together connected,

not getting separated and drifted.


The spinning wheel Charkha made thread of us,

threads woven together as clothes

to cover the nakedness,

providing protection against 

hot and cold winds from all sides.


The threads threaded together make a rope,

small ropes roped together make a giant rope,

gaining enough strength to pull to shore,

even a giant and fully loaded ship,

to the shore for safety from strong winds and waves.


What matters it if I am a simple cotton fiber,

so long as the Spinning Wheel Charkha is there,

to join the fibers together as a thread, and

threads threaded together making a giant rope.


Mahatma Gandhi loved Spinning wheel Charkha

and, he found time for daily spinning as to his daily prayers;

while spinning he saw between his fingers

what wonder the cotton fibers can do

but for their cohesion and cooperation

like water drops to the ocean,

learning which he brought together

the otherwise divided Indian people,

to fight together non-violently

and made the British colonialists

flee India giving it the freedom,

the people loved and longed for so long.

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