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“Hunting the Lion” –An eyewitness record of 1922 trial of Mahatma Gandhiji by Late “Kalaguru” Ravishankar Raval




Hunting the Lion –An eyewitness record of 1922 trial of Mahatma Gandhiji

Author: Late “Kalaguru” Ravishankar Raval (1892-1977)*

 -adapted in English by Dr. Kanak   Raval, Portland, OR.  USA from the original Gujarati text.



{Preface: This is adapted from the original text in Gujarati published in    “Gujaratma Kalana Pagaran”-an autobiography of Shri Ravishankar Raval.

 In 1922, the British Raj sued Mahatma Gandhiji for sedition. History has recorded it as “The Great Trial” and it is well documented elsewhere.

 Amongst the few chosen ones in the audience, my father, Ravishankar Raval had witnessed that closed doors trial.  

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