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There are several ways to produce Electricity.

1. Coal
2. Hydro
3. Geothermal
4. Solar
5. Wind Power
7. The Flying GEM-G

Coal: Pollutes the Air. Spending Billions to Operate

Coal plant stacks Electric Plant Photo

Hydro Dams: Spend Billions to displace people, ruins Fish Stocks, and River Flows.
Hydro Electric Dam Photo

Geo Thermal: Disadvantages see here:
Geo Thermal Plant Photo

Solar Panels: Spend Billions, but not much good on Cloudy Days or Night time.

Solar Panels Photo

Wind Power Turbines: Not much good when the Wind Won't Blow, or being able to Control the wind Speed. They also spend Billions for this.

Wind Turbine Photo

Nuclear Power: Spend$ Billion$ to have toxic radioactive waste that last$for year$. Like at Fukushima, where radioactive fire spewed Toxic gas into air, and contaminated the Ocean waters affecting Fish Stock, and Eco system.

Nuclear Plant at Fukushima Photo

Hey Something New:

The Flying GEM-G. Runs non-stop, Non-polluting, Environmentally Friendly, Non-Toxic, Non-Radioactive, Does not need the Sun or Wind, or River Water. And No One has spent 5 cents on it, for development. Why? Oh yeah!, I don't work for the Government or the Politicians.

See here for more Information:

The Flying GEM G Photo

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Comment by Satyendra Tripathi on March 26, 2012 at 15:45

Non-convention energu sources will be suitable places like if the area is rich of wind then Wind energy and the same! 

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